Kindness of strangers ✨

Back in August, in midst of our COVID lockdown, I received this beautiful handmade card in the post, complete with hand picked and pressed flowers and the most beautiful heart felt words adorning the pages. Not only was this a card from a ‘stranger’ but it came directly from the heart, someone who wanted to … Continue reading Kindness of strangers ✨

East Coast Adventure

We had one of the last dinners in our van last night as we come to an end of our one month adventure. This is certainly living the easy life. We have had the most incredible time making our way up and down the East Coast, creating memories that will last a lifetime - catching … Continue reading East Coast Adventure


The early bird(s) gets the worm. Making the most of the early rise last week. Not having daylight savings in Queensland did have its benefits - first light swims! On the other hand, this did mean an early rise. Nothing like a 4:30am broad daylight wake up call by two little boys. Coming back to … Continue reading HOLIDAY. THEN, CHANGE.