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Happy New Year to all my beautiful family, friends and followers. I know this is coming a touch late, I've had a welcomed break from social media as my family and I went camping for a week after Boxing Day and through to the new year. Very limited reception definitely had its bonuses - at … Continue reading 2018 – THE YEAR THAT WAS


That's right the day finally came to share 'See the Colour' and the beautiful town of Mansfield sure did welcome me with open arms. What an absolutely horrifyingly scary, emotional, yet wonderful experience Tuesday night was. Finally getting to meet Cameron Butler, Mansfield Districts Hospitals CEO. The man who watched my story on the Project … Continue reading GUEST SPEAKER. ME.


This past weekend you may have seen I've been away at a retreat for Brain Cancer. I set off for my second retreat down to the Bellarine Peninsula (Geelong to be exact this year) on Friday via the Searoad Ferry. A quick trip down to Captain Moonlite in Anglesea for lunch with my beautiful best friend … Continue reading HI I’M DONNA – MARK 2


As you may have seen, Sean and the boys and I were lucky enough on the weekend to go to Mt Buller. Thanks to the generosity of Mt Buller themselves. Not only were we given two nights accommodation at their own beautiful Black Forrest Lodge Chalet, but transfers, parking and lift passes too. I honestly … Continue reading FAMILY SNOWCATION


This is SO a thing. I can’t believe the cold weather is that we are having right now. My wipers just scraped ice across my windscreen this morning. This weather gives me absolutely no motivation to do anything. If someone could give me a doona and pillow and tuck me in on the couch with … Continue reading POST HOLIDAY BLUES – 28.06.18


After a wonderful night celebrating Seany's birthday out & about in Mornington on Friday night. We had family event after family event the whole weekend. Which was absolutely lovely and a welcome distraction to take my mind of the impending Oncologist appointment Monday morning. This was the big one, to get my recent MRI results … Continue reading MOVING FORWARD – 6.6.18


The past few weeks have flown by in such a whirlwind, I feel absolutely in awe of everyone whom has supported me, from family and friends to complete strangers. To each and everyone of you, I thank you sincerely, from the bottom of my heart. The outpouring of love and support shown after my appearance … Continue reading SEEING THE COLOUR – 17.05.18

THE PROJECT – 30.04.18

As you know I've been working on something a little special which is coming up tomorrow night (Tuesday 1st May) on The Project. You'll find it on 6:30pm on channel 10. I'm basically baring my soul in attempt to raise more awareness about this awful disease. What am I doing exactly you may ask?! Basically … Continue reading THE PROJECT – 30.04.18

THANK YOU – 29.03.18

To my loving family, friends & followers Thank you for all the bday love, countless calls, texts & fb messages. My 33rd year has certainly been my toughest yet, but along the way I have had some positives also. One othe biggest things has been, the opportunity to see the world in a different light. … Continue reading THANK YOU – 29.03.18