Mexico, we meet again.

As quick as it came, it went. 3 days in Cancun, Mexico, at Hope4Cancer. I returned on Friday. This was my second follow up visit. My third trip in 7 months. It really is starting to become like a second home for me. I’m so familiar with the place now, although this time travelling alone, … Continue reading Mexico, we meet again.

Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, from my little family to yours. May your day and holiday season be everything you wish it to be and more ✨🎄. Enjoy your family, friends and loved ones company over this crazy period and be safe. I'm excited today. Today marks 3yrs since my initial seizure and discovery of … Continue reading Merry Christmas

East Coast Adventure

We had one of the last dinners in our van last night as we come to an end of our one month adventure. This is certainly living the easy life. We have had the most incredible time making our way up and down the East Coast, creating memories that will last a lifetime - catching … Continue reading East Coast Adventure

The latest

*** NOTE: this is not the latest. I just found this in my draft box on WordPress 🙈. Exactly why you shouldn't try and attempt too much while doing the Hope4Cancer at home protocol.***** I've been a little MIA of late on my social media accounts since returning from Mexico and for very good reason. … Continue reading The latest

En-route to Mexico

The day started really well this morning, we were up and had breakfast at the airport hotel. Straight into the airport, no cues, checked in, breezed through security and passport control. Stopped to fill up my water bottle then sat for an hour at a cafe whilst awaiting our flight. Went to leave cafe to … Continue reading En-route to Mexico

Hope4Cancer – the ending

Last day of treatment here in Mexico today. I can’t wait to get home to my boys. It hasn’t been easy here - maybe at times it’s looked so, as it is certainly a beautiful environment to heal - but it’s been an emotional and very difficult roller coaster on so many levels and many … Continue reading Hope4Cancer – the ending

MEXICO…I’m coming!!

If you didn’t catch my insta story last Friday night, I shared some exciting news! I’m off to Mexico on Sunday 26th May, the amazingly kind team at Hope4Cancer very generously offered and invited me to come now and pay them AFTER my treatment!! In their words “You need to get here now so your … Continue reading MEXICO…I’m coming!!


Thats right! You may (or may not) have heard. I am having a fundraiser to assist in sending me for some alternative non-toxic treatment at the Hope for Cancer clinic in Cancun, Mexico. This clinic is a non-toxic treatment centre aimed to completely boost (restart really) your immune system and help your body fight from … Continue reading “HOLA MEXICO” – A MEXICAN FIESTA FUNDRAISER


The early bird(s) gets the worm. Making the most of the early rise last week. Not having daylight savings in Queensland did have its benefits - first light swims! On the other hand, this did mean an early rise. Nothing like a 4:30am broad daylight wake up call by two little boys. Coming back to … Continue reading HOLIDAY. THEN, CHANGE.