Kindness of strangers ✨

Back in August, in midst of our COVID lockdown, I received this beautiful handmade card in the post, complete with hand picked and pressed flowers and the most beautiful heart felt words adorning the pages. Not only was this a card from a ‘stranger’ but it came directly from the heart, someone who wanted to do something for me, someone they’d never met.

I was blown away, not only by the sentiment itself but also the generosity that accompanied the card – $750. This money was a incredible gift, to be spent however I wished, but the intention as written on the card……. “for it to be used to create a beautiful time and memory with your 3 boys”. *Oh the tears flowed reading this beautiful card*

This gift, I now know was given to me by the most kind hearted soul and women, Poetta (Po).

Po, was a neighbour of my sister-in-laws and when she heard about what I and my family were going through she decided she wanted to help. Being a mother herself to two young boys, she said that my story had resonated with her and her “heart ached greatly and unjustly” for me and my family and for everything we were experiencing. So for her birthday, in lieu of gifts. She asked her friends to donate money, which she wanted to gift to me. Due to COVID she couldn’t come up and see me in person like she hoped to do, instead, this beautiful card arrived in the mail. We have both vowed to get together when we can, so we can get to know each other a little better and so I can thank this incredible ‘stranger’ (who definitely won’t be a stranger now!) in person.

As she wrote in the card….“life is such a fragile and precious gift….we are all guilty for taking it for granted. It’s much easier to be kind, share and show love….”. And that’s exactly what she’s done and it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Something I think we could all practice a little more of.

Thank you so much Po to you and all of your beautiful friends whom donated for your birthday. What an amazing person you are, and a incredible role model for your beautiful boys. I look forward to meeting you properly when we can.

Donna xx

P.S. As I was writing this, I contacted Po and were hopefully finally meeting up this week!!

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