My little Mexican fighter

All a bit like his mumma. Just for different causes. An absolute essential item to have on whilst eating your breakfast though. Of course. Mask 1. Reeve 0.

A year ago now, when I was first in Mexico, I purchased this mask (and another one) as a present for the boys from my ‘holiday’ or so they thought. Little did they know the truth about their mummy. I was starting my fight, a brand new chapter in my healing ‘journey’.

I cannot believe it’s been a whole year now since I first ventured across the world to Cancún Mexico to seek an alternative option to heal – and ideally diminish – Terry (the Bastard) at Hope4Cancer. Thankfully I went when I did. As I wouldn’t have not got there this year. I deeply feel for anyone out there who was hoping to go overseas for treatment and now because of COVID19 cannot. It’s truly heartbreaking to think that the opportunity I had, has been taken away from so many for the foreseeable future. And the problem with that and cancer is, sometimes we can’t wait. It sadly could have dire consequences.

The past year for me has certainly been big. Bigger than big. I completely changed my way of life 12 months ago and thankfully I’m still going strong, it at times has certainly been tough. But I’m damn proud of myself for getting to this point. The organic, plant based, GF, sugar free diet plus all my daily treatments haven’t gone without their challenges. I’ve sacrificed a lot, to hopefully gain a lot. Time will tell if my hard work & dedication to the H4C protocol will pay any dividends. I had my 6monthly MRI last Tuesday, so now the countdown is on to see what’s going on in the land of Terry. My prediction is everything will be “stable” once again. Which would be amazing, however ideally (of course) I want more.

Being optimistic, as I generally am (and as you need to be in my situation). I feel good, so I’m fairly positive following the H4C protocol is working, at least if anything, it definitely is for my general health. As for Terry. Who knows. My MRI results come back next Monday. It’s always a anxious wait. This time however, more than ever.

My initial 3 week stay was a wonderful eye opening experience, learning about a completely new and alternative (non-conventional) way of healing. Focusing not only on the cancer itself, but a whole body approach to healing, including the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects as well. Treating cancer from its root cause. As Dr Tony writes in his book, Hope for Cancer – “Healing the whole person: Spirit, Soul & Body”.

As I learnt, we just don’t ‘get’ cancer. Cancer is generally a byproduct of a culmination of multiple factors. Which cause our body (cells) stress and they don’t work as they should. This can happen for a number of different reasons. Contributing elements such as; our emotional mind, environmental elements and toxins, poor diets, deficiencies and compromised immune systems all can play a pivotal role.

For me, the jury is still out on this aspect and what may have actually caused Terry. But I do feel it makes sense. I just can’t quite grasp what mine is yet.

I visited Hope4Cancer 2 additional times throughout the past year – September & January – both times I was welcomed back with open arms (literally) and they made me feel so very special and loved. It truly is a wonderful place, and it will always be to me, the lovely people whom I met – whom I now consider friends, from around the globe – the staff, the beautiful country of Mexico and not to mention the fun I did manage to enjoy there in-between clinic days.

Recently I was asked, if this next MRI result is unchanged, do I think it was worth it? If we are actually talking worth, just think what is YOUR life worth? My answer to that question. Was it worth it? Absolutely! As if I didn’t go, I may not be as healthy as I am now. On the other hand, maybe I would. But in truth, I’ll never truly know the answer to that question. A real ‘sliding doors’ moment.

What I do know is, what I have done for the past 12 months can do no harm. I said from the beginning, I’ll leave no stone unturned. So that’s what’s happening. I’ll continue to fight indefinitely for my beautiful little family (of Mexican fighters) and more than anyone, myself.

Send all your positivity my way for next week. I greatly appreciate all your continual love and support.

Donna xx

A little gown selfie from Tuesday. Pre-MRI with my positive pants (gown) on 👊🏼!


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