ISO Easter 2020

The one we all won’t forget, for both positive and negative reasons. Unfortunately this pandemic (or as Hux referred to it yesterday “the f-word virus” 😳, after some quick explanation of why we don’t say that, we moved on. But in truth, he is right. It is.) meant we all couldn’t take our usual Easter holidays and spend the time with our extended families and loved ones, like we do year on year. But, we did get the opportunity to reconnect as a family unit, ground ourselves and spend quality time with each other at home. Which, as we all know, is (or shall I say ‘was’) rare. Everyone home with nothing else to do for 4 days! Wether you, like us, set up your own ‘camp’ or had sleepovers in the lounge, or just kept it simple. It’s definitely one I will never forget.

The boys squeals come Sunday morning when they discovered the Easter bunny had been and left chocolates and footprints right throughout the house, caravan and garden was so precious. The magic of childhood was in full swing ✨and instantly you realise, this is what’s important.

‘Camping’ out in our backyard was a real novelty. The boys loved it. We had the campfire blazing, Seany perfecting the coal to fire ratio for the BBQ dinners, and once it was all said and done the boys loved cooking marshmallows on sticks – found on our walks – over the campfire. Sunday night, I recreated a childhood camping fave dessert for Hux. The ol’ campfire chocolate banana (for anyone unfamiliar with this, a fresh banana stuffed with chocolate – Easter eggs on this occasion – and wrapped in aluminium foil and put into the coals of the fire, eaten with a spoon once all the chocolate is melted, absolutely delicious and he loved it!).

We all enjoyed lots of laughs, bike rides, walks, games and as per usual at Easter, waaaay to much chocolate. The boys provided a constant source of entertainment (and pain at times, as cabin fever began to sink in). But all in all it was a great ISO Easter experience and it was fun getting back to basics.

Our local walking track was a buzz with people walking, running and bike riding/scooting. Everyone saying their “hellos” & “happy easters” as they went by. It was actually quite lovely. Everyone being so friendly and just like us, very happy to be out doing something. The confines of home isolation tending to send anyone a little bit stir crazy and for good reason. This is so foreign to all of us. But essential to “flatten the curve” as they say and get us back to normal ASAP.

Today starts a new chapter for us and no doubt, a lot of you too……..home schooling. To say I didn’t feel anxious about is an understatement. I feel like I’m being put to the ultimate parenting and almost life test. Day 1 as “Mrs Mum”, as I’ve been aptly named has arrived and is not going exactly as planned but hey, I’m sure (hope!) it will get easier with time.

We are certainly living in a very different world right now thanks to COVID-19. We don’t know when this will end, but there’s one thing for certain, it will. And from it, we will all grow.

Hoping you all had a wonderful Easter. From my family to yours, best of luck for home schooling term 2!

Donna xx

P.S. for anyone wondering, thankfully I picked up a 6mth supply from @hope4cancermexico in January so my treatments and supplementation is continuing unaffected by the pandemic. I’m feeling extremely grateful right now that Seany had the foresight to tell me to do this. Along with continuing my at home protocol, I’m taking every precaution (where possible) to keep healthy & well and keep my suppressed immune system functioning at an ultimate level. If Terry’s not getting me, I’m not going to let the “f-word virus” do it!!

Some happy ISO Easter snaps 🐰 🐣

2 thoughts on “ISO Easter 2020

  1. I just binge read this entire thing. Payers and positive thoughts coming to you and your family from Ohio in the.US. Your an inspiration and one tough cookie as we say here (I have no idea why being a tough cookie is actually good but it is). Haha! Keep up your positive outlook. Cancer hates positivity.


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