Mexico, we meet again.

As quick as it came, it went. 3 days in Cancun, Mexico, at Hope4Cancer. I returned on Friday. This was my second follow up visit. My third trip in 7 months. It really is starting to become like a second home for me.

I’m so familiar with the place now, although this time travelling alone, it was a little daunting (and lonely) to begin. I quickly got into the swing of things, I had my first ever solo dining restaurant experience. Bizarre. But I must admit it did make for some great people watching! Watching others wondering why they were there. Holidays? Work trips? Cancer too?

As I enjoyed every last mouthful of delicious vegan tacos, I made up imaginative stories about my fellow diners giving them all names, stories and some even occupations (is that weird?) – ‘Larry’ was an IT consultant on a work trip. A job he despised. But loved the perks of a trip to Cancun, especially drinking cocktails on the work credit card. ‘George & Betsy’ we’re spending some of their retirement fund. They had a real “fu<k it and go” moment and were loving their time in the sun. George a little too much. He was fried.

Then there were the families, one in particular ‘Sam & Louisa’ with their boisterous little boys ‘Harry & Max’ attempting to eat a family dinner – chaos in full swing. They’d saved up for a year to take this holiday and we’re loving their time away, even with the two little boys running riot around the restaurant. (Those were my guesses/versions anyway. Have you ever done this? Or is this really weird? It definitely made my solo dining experience that much better lol!)

Watching the kids made me laugh, they weren’t to dissimilar to the ages of our boys and doing things they would likely to do too. Then watching all of this, I started feeling a little emotional. Wishing Sean & the boys were there with me, and we were all holidaying together. Sadly not just me, on the other side of the world, not actually having a holiday. Instead having treatment for cancer. I still find it surreal. I guess there are far worse places I could be going however. So I guess along with the negative, there is the ever so slightest positive, that at least the clinic is in a beautiful location. Shame it’s so far from home though!!

As per my previous visits, the staff in the clinic were incredible, so welcoming and so very very happy to see me. As was I, of them. It is true, like many other patients have said before me, they really are like a second family. When your facing life & death battles – like I am and so many others there are – it’s so wonderful to feel so welcomed and loved right from the start. And this clinic sure does that. Not only that, they provide ‘hope’ when sometimes it feels like there has been none. Everyone needs that.

After meeting with my Doctor I got my action plan moving forward, I’ve stocked up on 6mths worth of supplies, starting a few new protocols to attempt to give terry a big stern kick along.

As for what I’m doing, and if it’s right, and is it working? Who knows? As unfortunately that’s the nature of the beast, that is cancer. No one knows. Everyone is different. All I do know, is, that I’m currently stable and I will continue to fight indefinitely.

I must mention a big thank you to my wonderful mum and norm who very kindly funded this next 6months of treatment for me. We couldn’t have afforded it otherwise. I love you guys and thank you again ❤️.

Until next time.

Love Donna x

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