Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, from my little family to yours. May your day and holiday season be everything you wish it to be and more ✨🎄. Enjoy your family, friends and loved ones company over this crazy period and be safe.

I’m excited today. Today marks 3yrs since my initial seizure and discovery of Terry, but I’m not feeling emotional about it. I’m feeling great. I’m excited. I feel completely in control of my future – unlike the previously mentioned oncologist told me 3yrs ago 🙄 – 2020 is in my sights and I’ll not be letting go. Next year brings a trip back to Mexico on the 12th Jan and another 6 month stint on the Hope4Cancer protocol. Terry mate, you’ll be getting the message loud and clear soon (again) FUC< off already! Or just sit there stable forever… whatever. Just play nice.

Another big event on our Nottage family calendar, our “baby” (not so and he, quite frankly reminds me every time I mention it) is off to Prep in February!! Where’s time gone?! I didn’t think I was going to cry, but at the recent last day of kindy, I soon realised what sort of blubbering mess I’m going to be waving off my baby (sorry hux – “big boy”) to school next year. Such a proud parent moment and to see him so excited about it is almost the best part of all. Go get ‘Em Huxie! Sad and lots of happy (and so damn proud!) tears will be flowing.

Christmas as we know, well Christmas Eve in particular, has definitely been bitter sweet the last couple of years for me, but today I’m taking the reindeer (bull) by the horns and going with it. No need to feel this way anymore. So much love around me and my beautiful family arrives from Queensland today. Tomorrow will be well spent with lots of laughter, excited little kiddies, great company, delicious food and even a delightful little beach session. No better way to spend the day in my opinion.

So from my family to yours, once again, Merry Christmas!! Thank you for all the love, well wishes and support you’ve all given and radiated towards me this year. I’ve definitely felt it ✨.

Love Donna xx

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