East Coast Adventure

We had one of the last dinners in our van last night as we come to an end of our one month adventure. This is certainly living the easy life.

We have had the most incredible time making our way up and down the East Coast, creating memories that will last a lifetime – catching up with friends old & new, swimming and playing, bike riding and just simply, enjoying each other’s company day in and day out. Sure there’s been some trying times – we’re travelling with kids and all in a small space haha – but we’ve had a ball. It’s been nonstop action packed adventure.

We travelled and stayed in Lake Hume, Port Stephens, Nambucca Heads, Byrill Creek -Mt Warning/Uki, Lennox Heads, Byron Bay, Yamba, Newcastle, Jervis Bay and finally Pambula. There’s sooo many additional places we could have visited. Saving those for next time! We’re so spoilt here in Australia with our beaches. Each and every place we visited was incredible. Port Stephens’ Fingal Bay certainly a highlight for me!

While we’ve been away my diet has slightly slipped, but it’s a little tricky when you’re on the road with so many temptations and your out of your “routine” and limited for space.

Once I’m home, I’m throwing myself into the deep end, once again, and will be pulling out all stops to get rid of Terry for good.

However this break was definitely needed. Not just for me, but all of us. Some much needed time out of the regular daily schedule and forgetting my diagnosis and just be. Getting out and into nature with the fresh air, swimming almost daily, feeling that Vitamin D fill our skin. It’s been great for the body, mind and spirit, and a wonderful time to reconnect and be more present with my little family. Also it’s been a great opportunity for us to forget my problems for a month, to everyone we met along the way, we were just a regular family travelling. It felt good.

Being away the only thing I haven’t been able to do all the additional treatments I ideally would have liked to be doing. But realistically I think what I have done will have potentially done more for me anyway than any amount of home therapies.

Although I’m sad this trip is ending, I am looking forward to heading home to our king size bed – free of sand!! – and a nice big kitchen with large prep area and a big fridge again! It’s sad really, the things you look forward to after a month away 🤣. The caravan doesn’t quite cut it in those departments. However I have become quite talented at fridge-contents tetris 💁🏼‍♀️.

One of the biggest things I have learnt this past 6mths since going to Hope4Cancer is about diet and how it can both positively (and negatively) effect our bodies. When you’re fighting cancer and trying to detoxify your body an all organic, non-GMO diet is best. Also avoiding anything artificial, and saying no to preservatives, sugar and gluten is paramount. Basically, I’ve had to learn a whole new way of eating. When you’re a busy mum of two little boys – who won’t sit still for a second – prepping & cooking multiple meals becomes quite the process, especially when you add in the daily supplements, juicing and treatment regime I have.

Before I left – post my September return to Hope4Cancer – a beautiful friend of mine Rachael reached out and arranged a loan of a Thermomix to help get me through the tedious meal time prep. With the hope at the end of the loan through her consultant Ann, she could potentially arrange to get me one of my own.

It helped immensely, quickly whipping up my meals, smoothies, salads, my weekly beet hommus & pesto. Making snacks and meals for the boys and Sean too. Not only was it quicker but so much easier. Making food from scratch means I know exactly what goes in it, this certainly makes a big difference to fighting this disease and keeping up my new required diet.

Before I left, I had to return the loan Thermomix, and now Rach – along with Ann – has kindly arranged a way I can get one of my own and the best news, you can too. A brand new just released TM6 valued at $2269. How? A Thermomix raffle. You may or may not have seen this on my social accounts. If not, for $25 a ticket, you have the chance to win one. There’s only 200 tickets available, so it’s great odds. They have sold quickly, I believe we’re down to about 40. So if you have ever wanted a Thermomix you don’t want to miss this opportunity to get one for a steal while also greatly helping out me. You will also have a local consultant deliver it personally to your door and show you how to use it! Please note: This raffle is only open to Australian residents. Sorry!

I want to sincerely thank everyone for their support and especially those who have already purchased their tickets. This means I can continue to maintain my organic non-toxic diet that little bit easier, so I can soon hopefully wave off Terry the Bastard for good!

See the link below or in my Instagram bio to purchase your ticket and for more information. https://www.trybooking.com/book/event?eid=566052& .

I greatly look forward to catching up with everyone once we’re home. A few snaps of the adventures below. It’s been a great month off, full of fun and adventures with my little family. Hearts full, clothes dirty, coming home minus a shoe or two but filled to the brim of wonderful memories and a decent (sun smart!) tan.

Love Donna x

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