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*** NOTE: this is not the latest. I just found this in my draft box on WordPress πŸ™ˆ. Exactly why you shouldn’t try and attempt too much while doing the Hope4Cancer at home protocol.*****

I’ve been a little MIA of late on my social media accounts since returning from Mexico and for very good reason. I’m head down bum up (so to speak) getting into my new at home protocol. And looking after those two cheeky ones above! Currently at week 6 and I am still trying to fit everything in to everyday, whilst juggling my boys and their commitments. Prior guests at the clinic I met whilst I was there said it took a good month to get into the swing of it and they are not wrong. I have a list of supplements and therapies a page long which I tick off throughout the day to try to ensure nothing is missed in the mayhem of this and of course mum life. I have a full menu (and juicing) plan to follow, I need to prep and cook for every meal, not to mention I’m still prepping/cooking for the boys and Seany, then add in my treatments daily. Thankfully Sean’s just become my chief juicer of an evening, saving me so much time every morning. And helping me wherever he can at any opportunity, whilst still working full time. My amazing Mum helps out on the regular, plus Seany’s Mum when she’s our way too. We are so very fortunate to have the support we have. It’s certainly a very full and busy schedule, but it’s slowly all coming together and I’m feeling good, I’m feeling positive with the plan and surely my insides are feeling very appreciative of this newly adapted organic non-toxic lifestyle (and arse kicking plan of Terry the Bastard). People continually asking how I’m feeling, and to be honest I didn’t think I felt that different, however over the past few days I think I’ve realised I actually do feel quite good. I’m energised and positive for my future.

I’m happy to report, along with getting the supplement regime down. I’m getting there on the therapies too – I am managing the Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber 6 nights out of 7, the sauna aka “pizza oven” arrived a fortnight ago, so my treatments have begun in that too. I’m attempting – upon recommendation – to go in that every second day and having a full blown sweat session to detoxify as much as possible. My “coffee” well….that’s a tricky one, with two young sons who don’t understand bathroom etiquette. It hasn’t be easy so far. My alarm will now be set well before they wake to attempt those in privacy! And not have two kids crying at my door to get into “seeeeeeeeee mummmy” – trust me boys, you’d prefer not too! LOL. Colonics started last week too 😳. One a week until I return to Mexico – in 7wks short weeks time! I’m having a weekly “float” to switch off from the world for an hour and attempt to meditate (mostly sleep) and calm my mind whilst also working wonders on detoxification. Yesterday I picked up a Vibration Machine to do my ‘shaky shaky’ as they referred to it at Hope4Cancer to stimulate my lymphatic system, 10mins every morning. The laser light watch is working well, my “oogily boogily” nose attachment has the boys entertained. I had to make light (literally) of it somehow, my glowing red nose with huge illuminated watch is a little hard to hide! I’m attempting to normalise everything I’m doing around them, and have fun with it. They now request the “oggily boogily”!! The rest of the things are just equipment to get me “fitter/healthier/fix my hearing and improve my immune system” (not too far fetched!) as, annoyingly “mummy’s always got a cold” and these treatments will…..”help me get better”. I’m not sure if they, well Huxley at least, completely believes me. But he’s happy with the information he’s given anyway. He has been extra clingy of late, I do feel he might know something potentially is going on. It’s hard, I wish I could explain. But he just won’t understand and it is too much for a 4yr to even begin to comprehend anyway.

Seany – along with help from family & friends – is building me a treatment room at our home, so I don’t have travel here there and everywhere, enabling me to do them more frequently and consecutively. One clinic I enquired to have the Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments, had a wait list until September! And at a pricey $300 a pop. Plus this would have required 3hr return travel to and from Melbourne for every treatment. So to be able to do this at home is just amazing. I’m very excited to get this room up and running and have a little healing sanctuary at my finger tips. Until then, it’s taking place all over our house wherever it can fit!

This all above, wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for each and every single one of YOU! Thank you, thank you and thank you again for your mind blowing generosity, it came in the way of monetary donations, the purchasing of tickets and attending Hola Mexico, the donated goods for the auctions & raffles for the night, purchasing my ‘see the colour’ keychains (re-stock to come!), Violet Gray bracelets & Kate’s ‘FUC< C caps”. All of these things together enabled us to completely pay for my treatment in Mexico and assist towards setting up my new treatment room. And for that I thank you all greatly. I’m throwing everything at this, no stone unturned.

Recently I have received some photos of the event back from Laura Alyce Bell who kindly lent her time (and lens) and photographed the night for me, a few winners below! I also have a 1min feature film of the night which has just been put together from a great friend Lachy (see if you made the cut πŸ˜‰ here). It really was such a great night, even if I did wander about most of the night all a little dazed (cheers jet lag) and some what overwhelmed by the amount of people, love and colour in the one room!

As mentioned I have been a little MIA on socials of late. And now you know why!! This is a full time job. I’ve had a lot messages wondering how I’m going and I thank you all greatly for your care and well wishes and I apologise if I don’t reply or it’s delayed. The most important thing for me now, is to concentrate on numero uno. Aka me. My babies, and of course, husband Seany. I have to give them and this protocol every second I’ve got. No one else can do it for me.

A few quick updates:

β€’ MRI Scan, next up – Start of September. Before I return to Mexico. If you were wondering, no I haven’t had one since I’ve been home. So it will be 6mths between them when I go back. It’s going to be the most nerve wracking one yet!

β€’ Hope4Cancer Mexico, I head back in mid-September accompanied by my wonderful sister in-law Meika, for a follow up visit with my doctors and find out my plan moving forward and hopefully, no definitely, a positive result and leap forward in my healing journey. I’ll definitely be picking up another load of supplements while I’m there too! Healing is a process and it will take time for my body to fight it way back from it’s toxicity and reset my immune system but I’m very optimistic and believe at Hope4Cancer I’m in the right hands.

Thank you for your love and support as always.

Love Donna x

πŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸŒ΅πŸ‡²πŸ‡½ HOLA MEXICO SNAPS πŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸŒ΅πŸ‡²πŸ‡½

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