En-route to Mexico

The day started really well this morning, we were up and had breakfast at the airport hotel. Straight into the airport, no cues, checked in, breezed through security and passport control. Stopped to fill up my water bottle then sat for an hour at a cafe whilst awaiting our flight. Went to leave cafe to find a waterfall streaming from my bag! I didn’t exactly fasten the lid tight enough did I?! Ugghhh!! So now I have a soggy bag, very wet spare clothes and bathroom bag. Thankfully all my electronics were safe. Napkins and Meika to the rescue!

We’re currently cruising along at 35,000ft. I’ve watched 3 movies. Completely nibbled through my healthy snacks and we still have 6.5hrs to go on this flight (let’s not even think about the second leg just yet) and I have a numb bum, which no amount of cheek shifting is fixing at the moment.

I’m actually thinking it’s time for a nap, but my body is telling me it’s only 4:40pm at home so it’s not quite right. So, I thought I’d write a little update on here. It’s been awhile. But life for the past 3months has been busy. The first few weeks certainly took some adjusting as I got used to the new “routine” but I pretty much had it perfected just before I left… of course.

As you know, I finished up my 3wk stay at Hope4Cancer in June, I then returned home to complete my scheduled 3mth at home protocol and now crazily I’m on the plane back again, for my first checkup. It’s gone so quickly! Only for 5 days this time (with only 2 of those actually spent in clinic) to meet my Doctors & Nutritionist and get a solid plan moving forward. Although my recent scan result (“stable”) did have me feeling slightly disappointed, I’m not going to let it stop me. In hindsight, I shouldn’t have been disappointed with “stable” at all. After meeting with my Oncologist last week, he did advise me at this time (almost 3yrs since diagnosis) generally people can find growth occurring. So considering that’s not happening, I am thrilled! I started this mission to get rid of Terry and I am going to complete it. Miracles do not happen overnight (I just need to remind myself of this). Unfortunately conventional medicine has done all it can do for me, and now I just have to take my healing into my own hands, which I am doing thanks to all of you. Along with the amazing team at Hope4Cancer.

I greatly appreciate all the love and support from you all, especially my wonderful family and dear friends. A big thanks also to my travelling buddy Meiks, all of this would not have never been possible without her hard work & dedication to Hola Mexico!

As for what exactly is next for me over the next few days and what ill be doing when I return home again, I don’t know. All of this and more will be answered when I head into the clinic at 8am on Wednesday. All I can say is let the healing continue ✨.

So for now, bye. And I’ll update more when I know more. I’m off for a nap now I think… if my numb bum allows it!

Don xx

P.S. Due to no wifi, this was posted upon our arrival at LAX. No nap sadly was had. Feeling pretty tired right about now. The next leg awaits. LAX -> CUN. Thankfully we’ve had a nice leg stretch walking between terminals!

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