MEXICO…I’m coming!!

If you didn’t catch my insta story last Friday night, I shared some exciting news!

I’m off to Mexico on Sunday 26th May, the amazingly kind team at Hope4Cancer very generously offered and invited me to come now and pay them AFTER my treatment!!

In their words “You need to get here now so your healing can begin, you have no time to loose”. I was absolutely overwhelmed and being me was a bit shaken in my OCD ways, as I had everything planned out. I was first planning the Hola Mexico event. Raising the money to go. Having the event on Saturday June 22nd. Having a month to finalise everything. Then go to Hope4Cancer in late July. Not the other way around!

But obviously when you’re given this AMAZING opportunity to start treatment early, and potentially aid in Terry being ‘knocked out of the park’ earlier and not wait an extra two months to start, you bloody well take it! So I did. And I’m so incredibly grateful for this opportunity to do so. Let that healing begin!! 2 months could just make all the difference! Who knows?!

Obviously the amazing team at Hope4Cancer are allowing me to start my treatment early, however the $70000 fee will still required to be paid post visit. So I still need your help! For everyone that’s already donated goods/services for the auction and raffles I thank you. And for those who have purchased their tickets to come. Thank you too – and all you wonderful people who have also donated money to help fund my trip. It means the absolute world to me that your supporting me to help beat this disease and spend many more years with my young beautiful family. Huxley and Reeve don’t know yet, but one day they’ll be thanking all of you for their cancer free mummy.

I’ll arrive home 2 days prior to the fundraiser feeling amazing and full of beans ready to share my experiences and party with you all. The event now will be a coming home party of sorts!! If you haven’t booked, get in quick. Tickets are limited. Buy yours at TODAY!

We are having such amazing raffle prizes rolling in by the bucket load. Keep your eyes on my social media accounts and these will start being shown VERY soon!! If your not attending the event don’t worry. You’ll be able to access lots of the prizes in our online auction too! Items & vouchers from well known brands such as:

Jackalope | Melbourne Racing Club | It’s Now Cool | Brae | Cutler & Co | Endota | NIKE | Violet Gray

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to say YES to FIESTA 💃🏼🌵✨

Love Don xx

P.S. When I depart the country on 26th May, I’ll be switching over the running of the event to my amazing sister-in-law Meika, she can be contacted best via email at

Along with Meika, my beautiful sister-in-laws and a bunch of my closest girlfriends are all helping out too.

It’s time then to concentrate on me. ✨

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