The early bird(s) gets the worm. Making the most of the early rise last week. Not having daylight savings in Queensland did have its benefits – first light swims! On the other hand, this did mean an early rise. Nothing like a 4:30am broad daylight wake up call by two little boys.

Coming back to Sean & my old stomping ground (from 10yrs prior) certainly brings back so many wonderful memories. I’m so happy I can share some of our past with our boys. Huxley always asking with a confused look on his face when I point out something we did, where we lived or laughing at a old funny memory “but where was I then?”. I explained to him awhile ago when a similar question was asked, “you were just a twinkle in my eye” which wasn’t understood so well, and it ended up morphing into “a twinkle in the sky”. Which he loved the thought of. So now anytime the past is brought up, “oh mummy that’s right, I was a twinkle in the sky then, wasn’t I?”…. yes Hux you were bubby.

There were lots of ‘twinkle in the sky’ references over our 10 day holiday as we caught up with family and friends as we visited our old favourite landmarks & beaches, and drove past our old homes we lived – and partied in – throughout our early to mid twenties (sorry neighbours). It was definitely up there with some of the best years of our lives.

The boys loved spending time with their Queensland cousins at my dads beautiful farm – celebrating my nieces 5th bday – and at the beach. Jumping in and out of the pool, and just running around and exploring new surroundings. Everything is an adventure for a child. The littlest things are just SO exciting and it’s such a pleasure to watch (as I’m sure those of you with young children in your life would agree).

We took the boys to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, where Hux commented on every animal that wasn’t on show (the 100’s of lizards roaming about the park) and Reeves highlights were the “hongs” (aka thongs) in the gift shop and the “car” in other words…. the staff golf cart.

The highlight of the day for me (and all really) was by far the bird show. Both Hux & Reevie were so mesmerised by the amazing birds. They had smiles ear to ear, continually laughing and shouting shrieks of joy and non-stop clapping as birds flew in from all corners of the arena and performed the show. I got so emotional for some odd reason, I could not stop crying looking at their happy little faces. I must have looked like a complete idiot crying at a bird show haha.

Our holiday finished up with a stay in Byron Bay and the boys first ever boat ride. A self drive BBQ boat along the Brunswick River. A great day with wonderful friends and two little blonde cuties in their little life jackets.

Our ten day holiday although now well and truly done, was full of colour and we certainly made the most of our time away. Lots of special memories made & photos captured that will last a lifetime.

Now home, with a full & happy heart. Ready to take on my new (and possibly the hardest) challenge in my brain cancer journey….as of last week I’ve turned to a Vegan diet. Lots of fruit & veggies, homemade fresh cold pressed vegetable juices and beautiful plant based foods rich in all the right nutrients I need to give my body the best fighting chance. It’s time to battle the beast from within.

I realised recently that I’ve been doing nothing to better myself since active treatments concluded last year. And basically really, I’ve just been waiting for bad news. This is just not good enough. So after being told to read a particular book about a man who cured his own cancer (multiple ones I may add) and then assisted someone with a brain tumour to cure his. I had one of those lightbulb moments – I HAVE TO DO THIS! It’s given me a complete reality check. I realised it’s time to step up my game. There’s no time to be complacent, I need to put my best foot forward and be proactive. No one else can do it for me. I must take charge of my body and provide it with the best possible chance to heal itself, unfortunately modern medicine currently has nothing for me. So my new challenge and lifestyle begins. It may or may not work, but at least I’ll know that I tried. And let’s face it, it’s not going to do any harm. Carrot & Beetroot juice daily is my new best friend and surprisingly I quite like it.

Terry, I hope you’re hearing this ol’ buddy ol’pal….you ARE going down.

Donna xx

P.S. Should you be a vegan, have any tips, recipes or anything to share. Please let me know. For anyone that’s curious on the book which started my push to change, it’s called; ‘Join our Escape from Death Row – Cancer Jail’ by Barry Thompson. A very interesting read. A quick google search will help you find it.

3 thoughts on “HOLIDAY. THEN, CHANGE.

  1. Hi, Tash here, Erin, Dale and Liams Johnstons cousin.

    I met you at womens retreat in Geelong.

    Goodluck with your new approach to eating, I swapped to vegan when I went on Ian Gawlers cancer retreat when first diagnosed 10 yrs ago . He has a similar story to the book you mentioned,he was riddled with cancer, 1 leg amputated. Believes that food is medicine and has cured himself. He has written many inspiring books too. The retreat was all vegan, juices and meditation….just what I needed……amazing.

    TIP: I usually call restaurants before going out to advise them of my diet (however, I am ALSO gluten intolerant). Helps to chat to the chef.

    Recipes: has some delicious recipes.

    After a while you’ll learn some of your own go to’s. Mine are, dahl & green veg,
    Felafels, stir frys, miso, vego chilli con carne, tofu & veg curry, lots of soups and salads, hommus & veg, lentil lasagne, lentil bolognese pasta, tofu & veg fried rice.

    Goodluck x


    1. Thanks Tash! Great to hear from you and thank you for the website and the recommendations. I’ll be sure to check it out. Such a big change and any tips are greatly appreciated 🙌🏼.

      I hope you’re doing well. Take care, Donna xx


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