Happy New Year to all my beautiful family, friends and followers. I know this is coming a touch late, I’ve had a welcomed break from social media as my family and I went camping for a week after Boxing Day and through to the new year. Very limited reception definitely had its bonuses – at times.

As we all do when a new year comes, we reflect on the year that’s passed. I’m pleased to say I had a GREAT 2018.

I made the all important decision to make the most of every opportunity that came my way and see the colour in every day and I – hand on my heart – know I’ve certainly have achieved that.

2018 allowed me to fulfil some pretty big dreams, I’ve done things I would have never imagined I would or could do. A big thanks to my amazing husband and beautiful loving family & friends who’ve supported me to achieve these.

From celebrating in style for my 33rd birthday at the Mornington Cup. Finishing my 12th and final(!) scheduled chemotherapy treatment in April. Recording my TV short film for network ten. ‘Terry the Bastard” which was the feature story for the Carries Beanies for Brain Cancer launch, to then see it play out for the first time, live, along with millions of others to TVs around Australia – extremely daunting but the exhilaration that came after, I was so proud of myself. The messages of support and love were absolutely overwhelming. It definitely pushed me to keep the positivity flowing and was a great send off for my International holiday!

I departed Melbourne the day after the launch to see some beautiful friends in Dubai & London, then I took a once in a lifetime trip through Turkey with one of my besties. I tested my courage (and my breakfast) as I jumped out of a plane at 13,000ft over the spectacular World Islands in Dubai with a wonderful old school friend.

I had a Lotus permanently etched on my arm along with two of my nearest & dearest as a permanent reminder of who I am, what I’ve been through and that I can achieve anything. And anytime I do doubt this, one look at it and it certainly changes that.

I witnessed two beautiful long time friends get married in Brisbane. Took part in and ran the whole 14km City2Surf in Sydney. Holidays after holidays – A Nottage family trip to Hamilton Island, a weekend at the snow in Mount Buller (thanks to the very generous team at Buller!) a wedding in Airlie Beach to see a wonderful old family friend marry her soul mate. A trip to the Gold Coast for a baby shower to surprise a glowing mumma to be. A weekend of pampering with other beautiful brain cancer patients & carers at the Peace of Mind women’s retreat in Geelong.

Seeing my beautiful little boys turn 2 & 4 and take on full time care of them both again (solo) since June. I returned to work AND made my public speaking debut, sharing my story “See the Colour”- something I never thought I could or would do – at the Mansfield District Hospitals AGM.

All of this while having continual MRI scans to check on Terry. Who thankfully is being kind and remaining, for the time being, stable.

My latest icing on the cake for 2018 has been attending Christmas, it was Christmas just passed two years ago when my life was changed forever. Thankfully my plans held tight this year, I got to see my little boys rip open the wrapping paper and see their happy little grins on their faces and hear the excited shriek’s of joy as transformers and paw patrol toys emerged from the paper wrapping stewed across the floor. My heart bursting with love and excitement for them both that Santa had been. Drank his milk and munched on his cookies (even amazingly eating the half slobbered one that Reevie couldn’t hold himself back from and took big bite out of on Xmas Eve). The day continued as planned with the re-do of the 2016 day – breakfast with my mum & step dad – croissants, fresh fruit & mango daiquiris. Perfecto. Followed the big traditional lunch at Sean’s family home for just over 50 guests! It was absolutely perfect.

We took a trip camping after Boxing Day over NY to Woodside Beach located at the very start of the 90 mile beach in Eastern Victoria. Where the kids ran wild with their 5 other cousins and had the time of their lives, as did we. Our first of many camping adventures to come.

2019 entered with a bang of beautiful fireworks set off on the beach by some other campers. Sparklers & party poppers around the campfire followed by hugs & kisses (and a few tears – mainly from yours truly) to bring in the new year. As I watched the beautiful sparkles of colour fill the sky, I did so with immense feelings of gratitude. I’m still here and I’m living my best life possible despite my diagnosis – full of colour.

Wishing you and your nearest and dearest a wonderful 2019 and all the best for the adventures and challenges it may bring. For me, I’ll keep going as planned. Terry is going down.

Love Donna xxxx

#seethecolour #braincancer #braincancermum #lotusfordonna #terrythebastard

P.S. When choosing a cover photo for this post, I couldn’t decide. 1000s of beautiful photos and thousands of happy memories but the chosen one, my darling “baby” Reeve and I on Christmas Day I couldn’t go past, this little guy keeps me on my toes daily. Ever so cheeky and so beautiful. Love you with my whole heart Reevie xxx

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