As you may have seen, Sean and the boys and I were lucky enough on the weekend to go to Mt Buller. Thanks to the generosity of Mt Buller themselves. Not only were we given two nights accommodation at their own beautiful Black Forrest Lodge Chalet, but transfers, parking and lift passes too. I honestly cannot thank them enough, it was such a wonderful weekend and getting to have that experience with the boys, is something we’ll never forget. Seeing their little faces light up when seeing snow for the first time – it melted my heart. Completely different to the snow they had ‘experienced’ as we’d pointed out during the morning ritual of Peppa Pig earlier in the week haha.

It was an absolutely wonderful time had by all, lots of laughs, a few tears (mainly Reevie on how “wiiiinnnndy” it was, poor baby all a bit much at times), snow ball fights, dancing to the DJ they had in the village while toasting marshmallows on the fire, building snowmen, sliding down big powder hills on the toboggan, watching the joy on the boys faces whilst exploring “our new snow house” (we wish!!), staring into the white sky above seeing snow flood in and then when it was all said and done indulging in a nice bottle of red wine with Sean by the fire at the end of a big day in a beautiful chalet in the middle of the snow. Each little moment forever etched in my memory, hopefully in theirs too. If not we always have photos for that (and lots of them!). It’s hard to say when you think you begin recalling memories from childhood, or if it’s just the photos that you remember. Either way, I think it’s one Huxley especially, will never forget.

Sitting back next to that fire, reliving the days events, it made me realise once again how lucky I really am in my life, yes I have cancer, and that bloody sucks, but, I have my boys and I am still here. Every day with them is a gift, a very loud noisey one some days, but I wouldn’t have it or them any other way. Those little boys and Seany are my everything.

When the kindness of strangers step in and kindly hand you an experience like this to enjoy quality family time it’s really something else. So from the bottom of my heart Mt Buller – Thank You!!

I also must say a big thank you to Cameron Butler, a man who was a complete stranger to me. Cameron contacted me after watching my story on the Carries Beanies for Brain Cancer launch night on The Project back in May and through him the Buller weekend came about. In November I’ll be returning back to the Buller region (Mansfield) where I’ll be the guest speaker at his request, at The Mansfield District Hospitals AGM (where Cameron himself is CEO). I was absolutely humbled that he approached me for this. I really didn’t know if I could do it. Reliving it all again but this time to a LIVE audience. But I decided what the hell?! The whole reason I write this blog and went on The Project (apart from being an outlet for me) is to share my story in the hope it may help others. So after some thought, I said yes. I never really considered the impact that little old me telling my story on The Project in ‘Terry the Bastard’ was going to have on so many people. So my story, once again will be going live. Watch this space! Maybe I’ve found my new calling 😉

Donna xx

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2 thoughts on “FAMILY SNOWCATION

  1. I thought I saw you at Mt Buller. You dont know me but I follow your blog.
    So glad you had an amazing time with your family .


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