The past few weeks have flown by in such a whirlwind, I feel absolutely in awe of everyone whom has supported me, from family and friends to complete strangers. To each and everyone of you, I thank you sincerely, from the bottom of my heart.

The outpouring of love and support shown after my appearance on The Project on May 1st, in “Terry the Bastard” was nothing short of amazing. I’m still blown away by everyone’s lovely calls, messages and social media posts following.


I was very nervous to share my story, as I was concerned by doing so, it may have a negative impact psychologically on my family and I. By reliving that pain and anxiety which a diagnosis and successional treatment brings. I knew however I needed to do it. I needed people to know this disease can happen to ANYONE. Brain Cancer does not discriminate. I knew that by sharing my story, showing Australia my beautiful little family, maybe just maybe, people would notice more. Support more. Raise that awareness we so badly need. Buy a beanie and hopefully be part of the reason, in the future, a more effective treatment IS discovered. Then I and many other Brain Cancer patients just like me, will live longer and happier lives with our families.


I’m pleased to say the show, although horrifically sad and gut wrenching during the Katie Noonan piece – but as the saying goes, the truth hurts, and boy didn’t it?! – actually had the absolute opposite effect on me. After watching I felt immense pride and I was so pleased I’d done it and happy I didn’t cry watching it (well, not too much anyway). Everyone was so proud of me and how my story was depicted. I, just like you, saw the film for the first time on the night. So to say I was nervous was an understatement. After watching I was so proud too.


Thankfully I was in terrific hands with the Project Team, Tom Whitty (the amazing producer – yes Tom I am going with that smile 😉) the beautiful Carrie Bickmore whom needs no introduction and Stu Heppell the wonderful camera man, plus the hundreds of others behind the scenes what better a team could I ask for? They at all times, ensured I felt comfortable and worked with me to write & shoot the script. I didn’t want it to be sad, there’s been enough tears. I wanted to tell my story exactly how it is. Yes I have brain cancer. I wish I didn’t have it. But the surprising “positive” outcomes that come with a diagnosis needed to be shared too. Perspective. Clarity. Gratitude. Colour. The list goes on.


I’m still very happy I left the following day on my “chemo-ending celebratory trip”. It was wonderful leaving the country on such a high. Now as I write I’m currently flying 38,973ft above Eastern Europe, en route to Dubai, followed by Brisbane, then come Saturday, home to my little boys! Seany I get to see sooner at a wedding this coming Friday in Brisbane. He’s flown up today to also have a mini break. My beautiful mother in law Robin looking after our beautiful boys. I owe you big time Rob!!


The past 14 days have been action packed, I’ve so far taken 8 flights (with two more to go!), I have been to Dubai, London, Instanbul, Cappadocia, Antalya and back to London. Now on to Brisbane and down to the The Gold Coast to see my fam. I feel so very lucky to have had the opportunity to take this trip, hopefully if Terry keeps behaving this won’t be my last. It has once again allowed me to continue to see the colour in this world and be so appreciative of those little things which so often get lost in our lives and we take for granted.


As you know, I went skydiving, which was absolutely exhilarating! It’s something I always wanted to do but never had the guts to and it’s come to a point in my life now I’ve decided why the hell not?! I went Zip lining too. Thankfully this was done the day prior to the sky dive otherwise it would have seemed very average in comparison haha, yet still a thrill. We travelled, saw all the beautiful sights, stopped to smell the flowers, tried new foods, drank every type of delicious drink we could find, attempted belly dancing, cried, laughed and also celebrated the impending arrival of a beautiful friend Alice’s first baby.


It’s also gave me time to reconnect with one of my best friends, Kim (a 20yr strong friendship) who now lives in London and so far away from me now. She was the gorgeous and selfless being whom stayed with me in hospital on Christmas night (the day of diagnosis) and kept me entertained in her highly attractive pjs (aka backless hospital gown, oh the lols). Giving Sean the opportunity to go home and have a well needed rest – he so deserved – and also to be with our little boys. More than anything too, to have some time out and support for himself from friends and family after our world was turned into turmoil. I think partners often get lost and forgotten when dealing with a wife (or other) with cancer. Everyone is most concerned and always asking about the patient they forget their significant other is also struggling.


To my husband Sean, thank you again for encouraging me to take this holiday. It has been an absolutely amazing celebration of chemo completion and certainly one I’ll absolutely cherish forever. Thank you for holding the fort along with Rob.


To all my lovely friends who I met along the way in each destination, it has been absolutely incredible and so nice to be able to spend some time with you all. And to you especially Kimmy, I love you with my whole heart and to be able to take this trip together and rewrite history of our long friendship has been incredible, ok so not as crazy as our younger years, but there’s on thing for sure the laughter and our connection with each other hasn’t changed.


To anyone out there who is fighting their own Terry. Please keeping fighting, seek help when needed, remain positive and do anything and everything you can to keep living another day. Don’t let your diagnosis get you down. And above else enable yourself to SEE THE COLOUR.


All my love

Donna xx

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