THE PROJECT – 30.04.18

As you know I’ve been working on something a little special which is coming up tomorrow night (Tuesday 1st May) on The Project. You’ll find it on 6:30pm on channel 10.

I’m basically baring my soul in attempt to raise more awareness about this awful disease. What am I doing exactly you may ask?!

Basically it will be my story about living with brain cancer. It’s not your typical interview, they have created something a little bit different. A little bit special. A short film of sorts. I hope you all enjoy. I’ll be seeing it for the first time along with you on Tuesday night 🙈!

Thankfully I’ll be departing our glorious country in the early hours of the next morning for my big overseas celebratory trip! So I won’t have to deal with my Mount Martha locals eyeballing me in the supermarket with those knowing sympathetic eyes. I’ve been here before, after my last television appearance, back in 2003, The Price is Right. LOL, yes hilarious, a whole heap different I know but the stares & questions for weeks out and about I received was crazy. “Yes I was the girl who missed the put to win the car, thanks for bringing it up”. Haha. I know this is different but still I’m very happy to be escaping after it for some much deserved time out. A big thanks to Seany for letting (and encouraging) me to go, Rob my mother in law for staying and looking after the boys and to my Mum too for helping out. It wouldn’t be possible without you all.

#Carriesbeanies4braincancer as seen on my little noggin, also go on sale tomorrow (right now if you happen to be a VIP!) at the same time as the show. So do yourself a favour and get one!! The link to purchase is here.

I hope you enjoy and help raise a tonne of money so Terry can F%*K off. Also by buying a beanie you’ll help Carrie reach her goal of donating 5MILLION dollars over the next 5yrs to the Australian Brain Cancer Mission, who’s aim is to double brain cancer survival in 10 years. The Australian Government says they’ll match Carries donation too, dollar for dollar!! 🎉👊🏼 So get purchasing! There’s no good reason not too.

That’s it for me. Happy viewing on Tuesday. I’ll catch you all post holiday but I’m sure I’ll keep you up to date with plenty of Instagram updates of my travels!!

Love Don xx

P.S. A big shout out and thank you to Carrie, Tom & Stu from The Project for being so wonderful through this whole experience. I can’t wait to see it, even though I may watch it peeping through my hands 🙈.

#braincancer #braincancerawareness #carriesbeanies4braincancer #lotusjournals #FUTERRY #TERRYTHEBASTARD

7 thoughts on “THE PROJECT – 30.04.18

  1. I’ll be watching. Our 2018 GC Half Marathon team is named ‘Donna’s Lotus Sisters’ in honour of you and your campaign! We’re running for you!


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