THANK YOU – 29.03.18

To my loving family, friends & followers

Thank you for all the bday love, countless calls, texts & fb messages.

My 33rd year has certainly been my toughest yet, but along the way I have had some positives also. One othe biggest things has been, the opportunity to see the world in a different light. And I have surprised myself on how much I really have begun to appreciate living this life.

We all know the saying ‘YOLO’ and it couldn’t be more true. I’ve tried to make the most out of the past year as possible. Which looking back now, I think I’ve done a pretty damn good job. I’ve survived my first full year living with “Terry” (well since I have known about him anyway) yes there’s been plenty of ups and downs, but currently I’m feeling great and that’s really all I can ask for. I’m continually taking each day at a time. Oh and another bonus, that little bald patch is nearly completely covered, unfortunately not with hair but with my new combover do haha. FINALLY!

Fingers crossed my 34th year will bring improved health, greater advancements in brain cancer treatment (technological & medicinal) and most importantly, above ALLL else, another year of fun, laughter and happy memories made together with my beautiful little family.

As per previous years, I managed to extend my bday celebrations to a few days – nothing’s changed there LOL – starting on Friday, with a lovely lunch, swim & sun bake at the beach with my little sister Silv, in the beautiful 29 degree sunshine at the stunning Mount Martha. Swimming together in the warm sunshine and watching the perfect little clear waves come rolling in from ships deep in the bay. If only you could snapshot and capture moments like this in time to be relived another day. And I’m not talking cameras, really be present and actually be there again, living that moment. Oh there would be so many! It really was one of those picture perfect beach days and probably sadly, the last for the season.

Following was a wonderful few days of celebrations starting with the Mornington Cup on Saturday. For anyone in Melbourne you’ll know Saturday morning was ABSOLUTELY awful. Just when we were questioning wether to pull the pin, my personal weather reporter (aka Seany) who’d had his eyes on the radar & report – all week I might add – said it would be all good come 1pm. And he got it right!

Not a drop of rain fell after we arrived. We had the BEST day. Due to the awful morning weather, we fortunately (not so fortunate for them) had the run of the place. The kids all had a ball running around, dancing to the amazing live trio – dj, saxophonist & rapper – as did we. Drinks a plenty, delicious food, great company, amazing entertainment for adults & children alike and not to forget those amazing race horses thundering down the track – there really is nothing like the sound of that power as their hooves hit the turf, gives me goosebumps every time.

After we were ever so politely pushed out the gates at the end of the day we came home to a beautiful birthday cake and along with my nearest & dearest we continued the party a little longer.

Monday (the actual bday) I was treated to a beautiful home cooked breaky by Seany with my boys, a glass of champagne at the Royal Hotel with Philippa (my old work & boss), a 3 HOUR day spa visit at The Wellness Manor with mineral spa bathing, 1hr massage followed by a glass of champagne and cheese board and even a little birthday cake!!

The AMAZING day was topped off with a home cooked meal by Mum at our place AND a beautiful little cake made by the boys & their nanny, Shannon.

I couldn’t have asked for a better celebration if I tried. I am beyond grateful to each and everyone of you for making my birthday so very special. Especially to Seany, Hux & Reeve – my everything. Here’s to being 33, another lap around the sun completed and hopefully to many more to come.

Love Don xx

I’ve included a few happy snaps of the bday festivities.

Also I’d like to publicly thank Helena & Nic (and my therapist Emily) from the Wellness Manor in Mornington for the amazing day on Monday. I was  very kindly I was gifted the treatment from them at Christmas. I decided to use it for my birthday and really it couldn’t have been anymore perfect. If you haven’t heard of it, do yourself a favour and book your next day spa experience with them. It’s beyond amazing. Click here for the website x



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