REFLECTING – 18.2.18

After walking my first baby to kindergarten on the Tuesday before last and watch him take those first steps on his own and leaving him there, it feels as though it’s happened in a blink of an eye. Where did my tiny little baby go? I know as each year passes everyone always talks about how quickly the years go by, it couldn’t be more true.

My dear old Pop – who is now 90 and residing in a nursing home who wouldn’t know me now unfortunately from a bar of soap – once told me a very wise theory to explain why this is. It’s always stuck with me and I thank him greatly for it. Really it’s very simple, but I’d never thought of why, until he mentioned it the way he did.

He said….”Donna, when you’re one year old, one year is 100% of your life, when you’re five, each year is 20% of your life, when your 10 that’s 10%, 20 that’s 5% of your life and so on and so forth”.

So fast forward to now and being 32 and each year now is just over 3% of your life. Compare that to 100% of a one year old, no wonder we feel each year gets quicker and quicker, when we compare it to those years already lived.
So my message is…take time out, slow down, don’t rush, live every moment, be present, do whatever makes you happy and appreciate what and who you have in your life. And above all else don’t be superficial at the end of the day all we take away from our lives are the memories, make these and lots of them. Cherish them.

And then if you wish, cry, like I am writing this, thinking of all the amazing things I do have, how much I have to live for and a huge reminder of why I have to fight for them. Brain Cancer fucking sucks. I hate that I have it and can’t do anything about it. All I do know is I’ll be trying anything and everything to beat it and prove those statistics wrong.

On a lighter note, I had my follow up with my Oncologist on Monday and after waiting 2hrs past my appointment time to get my results. We were advised it hadn’t been ‘reported’ yet 🙄 – 9 days after having it done – although one good thing to come from the wait was that they’d taken a look at the scan and said all looked good and then they said the wonderful word “stable” – YIPPEE! This is all we can really hope for, “shrinkage” would have also been nice, but if I have to take anything, I’ll happily take ‘stable’. We just don’t want “growth”.

So now on to holiday planning and saving. The next MRI thankfully, has been scheduled post holiday. Currently just completed round 10/12 of chemo. 2 more to go! Then holiday time!!! 🇦🇪🇬🇧 🇹🇷 💃🏼

Kimmy I’m coming for you xxx
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