CITY2SEA – 14.11.17

A big shout out and massive thank you to my beautiful friends & family who joined me on Sunday for the City2Sea. 
Team #LotusforDonna absolutely stood out in our AMAZING tanks & tees (and purple hats) and definitely would have won the award for best dressed – if only it existed, haha!


I am beyond amazed that I managed to pull a team of 110 together who ran, walked or pushed prams all in the name of raising funds & awareness for Brain Cancer. It’s a brutal disease unfairly striking people in the prime of their life and for some taking so much of their independence. It is truly not fair. So to get a group together of such wonderful people and get that awareness out there is such a big step in the right direction.


It honestly blows my mind to think of what we have just achieved. I heard people around the course while running saying “I wonder what lotus is?”. Then as we ran past them (killing those kms in record speeds 😉)….they read the back of the tank “ahhh for Brain Cancer, that’s awesome!”…..and gave a good cheer! Watch out world, you’ll all soon be on that lotus bandwagon.


To all of my team. Thank you, you’re all amazing. Getting out of bed at crazy o-clock on a Sunday to pound the pavement of Melbourne is a big effort and I greatly appreciate your support. Thank you for hassling your friends and family for donations which will one day, hopefully, be one of the crucial links of beating this awful disease.


I personally took the challenge of the 15km run, although I couldn’t manage to run it all. I’m happy to say I managed to run half of it, alongside two of my gorgeous besties Miranda & Lozzy. They kept me going and we had lots of laughs along the way. I had a goal of 2hrs to complete the race, I finished with a time of 01:58:00. 2 mins to spare!! I received quite the cheer over the line from my team which was absolutely wonderful and definitely helped me make those last few meters with my jelly legs. To say I was emotional at the end would be an understatement. I was a bit of a mess when I was interviewed by the City2Sea MC. But that’s what it is. Raw and totally real emotions. This disease is unforgiving. Looking at my team who all pretty much had tears in their eyes also, certainly didn’t help. Want to see me turn to a blubbering mess? Video below.

We managed to fundraise an amazing $17,500 (with the total still growing daily and if you haven’t donated you still can – here!) for Cure Brain Cancer. My beautiful sister Courtney, mother in-law Robin & cousin Phoebe all shaved their heads post race which was a very courageous effort in itself. I’m so honoured they were willing to do this for me (not to mention have a bald head for the next few weeks!) and my goodness they really helped push up our fundraising tally raising almost $7k alone! And of course it will be a major talking point for them for the next few months as their hair slowly grows back from the .5 cut they all had. More awareness! Thank you ladies, it means the world to me.

It’s safe to say I don’t think this will be our last event as Team #LotusforDonna, this is just the beginning. Many people already in talks of “next year”…training next time however would be a good idea. My legs yesterday (along with a lot of my team) are absolutely ruined. I have soreness where I didn’t even know muscles existed!


From the bottom of my heart, to everyone whom took part on Sunday, donated or just came along and cheered us on, thank you. 
Lots of love 

Donna xxx

P.S. Following on from the high of the run, yesterday I had an additional little high with positive results from my last MRI! No growth, clearer scan and even a little shrinkage. What an amazing way to wrap up a amazing weekend! Today I begin round 7 of chemo.

👋🏼 Laters Terry! #FUBRAINCANCER 

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