As you may know, currently I’m holidaying with my beautiful little family in Byron Bay. Ok, so I guess NSW technically is not the ‘sunshine state’ but hey. Let’s not get too caught up on that. I needed a title and it sure is a lot sunnier (and warmer) here than home! The photo above was taken yesterday when Hux insisted we all wear the blue zinc that I was putting on him & Reevie for the beach.


It’s been an amazing holiday so far, a few months ago we decided we needed a break from it all, so booked this holiday and we’d all been counting the days in anticipation. We booked a beautiful little beach house in Suffolk Park, a few mins drive just out of Byron. Or now, as it’s been referred to, “Rich Mans Bali”, after a warm evening the other night with some friends having a Bintang surrounded by palm trees in a house that’s 5x the amount we would have paid there. Yet still drinking the same beer haha. But hey, it’s only a 2hr flight and with kids the shorter the better. “Rich Mans Bali” it is. Now to hunt down that Nasi Goreng….


On my last meeting with my Oncologist in mid-August, I’d advised her about this trip as I was due for a follow up MRI at the end of October after my last not so ideal “pseudo progression” result. I asked her how I fit both in? She practically laughed and said we didn’t. “Take the holiday Donna, they’re more important, the scan can wait, we will book it for when you’re home”.

So very happily I took that and pushed it to the back of my mind. But now, as the holiday is coming closer to the end, it’s playing on my mind. Anxiety, fear and trepidation. The old ‘what ifs’ are back… that’s the one of the (many) things about this disease – apart from daily reminders with my bald spot and taking medication – I don’t feel ill at all. So the thought that something bad is going on in my head is terrifying. Unlike other illnesses, you can’t physically see (most) cancers. I still find it so bizarre that I have it, as I don’t feel unwell nor do I think look it. As an outsider, people would have no idea. My new hairy is just keeping up with the likes of Cara Delevingne – I’m on trend 😆! Haha


After our arrival into the GC Airport 2wks ago, it poured with rain here and Melbourne beamed with heat. Typical 🙄. We endured 3 solid days of rain, followed here and there with the odd bit of sun mixed with another crappy day, but now, it’s sun sun and more sun. Thank god. As anyone with young children would know keeping them contained for days on end as it was too wet to go outside is a VERY hard task. Especially when you’re not in your own home. They were going stir crazy. As where we, cursing those bloody weather gods. Whhhhhhy?!?!?
But now for the remainder of the holiday it’s looking like smooth sailing in the warm weather & sunshine stakes. Which is amazing. The pool is now in full use, finally heating up enough even for little Hux to swim – he’s a bit of a sensitive type for cold things. But thankfully Grandma & Grandpa (Seans parents) who flew up on Thursday to stay a few nights (and baby sit while we went to a wedding last night) with us very cleverly bought some little rubber ducks with them for the pool and Huxley with a little coaxing is finally in and swimming. Hooray!


On last nights wedding, a big congrats to the happy couple Adam & Shantelle. And I also want to say a big thank you to all of those who spoke to me last night at the wedding and said how much they enjoyed reading my blog and following my journey and how much I’m inspiring them, I’m honestly blown away. I’m so pleased I’m having such a positive impact on so many people I don’t even know. To one special reader in particular fighting her own battle with Leukemia, I’m so happy to hear this has helped you. It’s a shitty ride, but you’ve got this 👊🏼. Stay positive.

A little happy snap of Seany and I. And if you’re sensing a little déjà vu…yes I’ve got the same outfit on that I wore to the Brain Cancer retreat cocktail party haha. Got to get a few wears out of a good outfit don’t you?!


On the radar for our return is the City2Sea on Sunday 12th November. Currently we have 77 people registered for TEAM: #LOTUSFORDONNA, I can’t believe it. I also sold 146 tees & tanks for the day. If you haven’t registered yet, get on to it. The registration costs go up on 1st Nov. Unfortunately I’m out of the tees/tanks now, but obviously anyone is still welcome to join us!

We’re hoping to raise lots of money for Cure Brain Cancer Foundation. As mentioned previously my beautiful mother-in-law Robin and sister-in-law Courtney are shaving their heads in support of me, post run, in the hope to raise lots of additional money for the foundation. A truly selfless act which I’m so incredibly grateful to them for. If you could be so kind to even spare your coffee money for one day we would be greatly appreciative. If you’d like to make a donation, please follow this link.


Ok that’s it from me, I’m off for a swim and relax once again poolside and forget about my worries. I’ll update you again after the run & the MRI results when I know. Fingers crossed.


Love Don xxx

#braincancer #lotusjournals #astrocytoma #fucancer

A little extended family shot with my brother Glenn, sister-in-law Meika and nephew Harvey & niece Maya. They joined us for a few nights last weekend. Was so nice to get to spend some time with them all. Family time really is the best ❤️.

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