SETTING GOALS – 24.09.17

Still enduring post-holiday depression, on Wednesday, I ventured down to the beach with the boys and our nanny Jess, to enjoy the afternoon sunshine on offer. Definitely was no Thai style hot beach day like I had earlier this month, but, it was still lovely to get out and feel that warmth that is finally coming our way. Hux played dinosaurs (of course) and Reevie ate sand and cried the whole time. Agh. 1yr olds. Not quite the same as my beach days of earlier this month. But still, so nice to get down there for the first time since winter and spend time with my little boys. And soon we’ll be having a lot more, with a little family vacay to Byron Bay in a few weeks. We all cannot wait. It’s so nice to have holidays planned, it definitely makes getting through those winter days more tolerable. And it will be our first family trip solo since Reeve was born. Come at us warm weather & sunshine!


Reevie exploring


As you may have seen me mention this past week, coming up on 12th November, is the City2Sea. Part of the city series fun runs, like the City2Surf we recently completed in Bondi. It was such an awesome and empowering event we just had to do another. So TEAM #LOTUSFORDONNA has been born. I actually just received an email yesterday saying they raised $363,000 at City2Surf. Amazing. Hopefully we can help to raise a similar amount again.


I think if one thing this year has taught me, setting goals to work towards, makes this journey I’m on all the better. Best not to look too far ahead, just set goals, accomplish them and set another to work towards. Whether they are runs, holidays or even just goals in my treatment – like ticking off another chemo cycle recently (5/12 done), and feeling good at the completion. Goal complete. Win. But really when you think about it waking up every day is win too, being thankful for being here and spending time with your loved ones.


A friend of my brothers recently passed away suddenly. And it made me realise, although I’ve been dealt a harsh blow, at least I’m here, living. Some people unfortunately and unfairly aren’t given that second chance. So be thankful every day you wake up, a new day has arrived. That’s 86,400 seconds you have to do as you please. Every. Single. Day. You’re alive. Be thankful and live. Unfortunately generally it takes a tragedy to really put this prospective on life.


Back to City2Sea. Currently we are a group of 46 (and growing!) who are running or walking the 15km (or 5km option) from the MCG to St Kilda. Once again, raising money for Cure Brain Cancer Foundation. If you’d like to join us & raise funds for brain cancer, message me via here or social media pages and I’ll get you the details.


Thanks to a good friend Glenn, I’ve had team tees/tanks designed for our team to wear. So it’s fair to say we’ll have quite the presence on the day. And there will be no mistaking our group. Men’s, ladies & kids ones too. I can’t wait for the group shot!

Sneak peak – still being finalised 


Post race we will all be getting together for a well deserved drink/bite to eat, bath in the sea (ice the very sore legs more likely) and watch my ever so amazing mother-in-law Robin & sister-in-law Courtney shave their heads in support of me and all I’ve been through this year. And raise additional funds & awareness for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation. I’m so blown away that these beautiful women are doing this for me. It’s a VERY courageous effort. Click here to see a photo of them both to know what they’ll be losing for me, along with the fundraising page. Should you have a dollar to spare. We’d all be greatly appreciative.

I’m happy I won’t be the only one now with a shaved head in the family! All 3 ‘Mrs Nottages’ will soon to be sporting a very cropped do. One bonus for them, there’s will all grow back. Mine is still very undecided. I have a patch the size of a grapefruit waiting for hair. Hopefully it will catch up one day, although I was told it may never due to this area recieving the most radiation.

In the meantime I have “miracle” spray my sister-in-law Meika introduced me too. It colours my bald spot so it’s not so noticeable. Thanks Meiks! My “BS (bald spot) spray” it’s known as. It’s actually supposed to be a root concealer you can use to hide regrowth before your next colour – little tip for you ladies or men 😉! Bald spot or other.

I recently shared this 👆🏼on my Brain Tumour support group page and quite a few of the girls on there have purchased now, showing before & after pics. It’s amazing. Well no actually, hair would be amazing. This is just a very good substitute. For the time being. But hey on a positive note, since my last photo I shared with you back in May, it’s a huuuuge improvement. I actually find it hard to recognise the head of that person below now. I was so bald! Thank god my hair didn’t remain like that 🙊.


One last thing, I must make a public shout out to my gorgeous girlfriend Alex who came with me to Thailand. We had an absolutely amazing holiday and she was just the perfect travel partner. She’s a jewellery designer & owner at Violet Gray and gifted me the most beautiful ring at the start of our travels, entitled “the grateful triad”. 3 beautiful quartz stones set in rose gold vermeil. The ring came with this beautiful message:

“It is crystal clear when I look at you on my hand ~ I am so grateful for all that I AM.

For all that I have experienced and been dealt, for all that I love and who love me.

For my heart beat and the breath that organically, methodically occurs without effort.

May I be reminded of my gratitude when I notice the 3 x pieces of quartz representing the past, the present, the future. (Or whatever ‘3’ means to you – Alex pointed out my ‘3’ were for my 3 boys). My life is blessed with good fortune”…….Perhaps the last line is debatable, but I guess it depends on how you define “good fortune”.

⠀⠀“The grateful triad”


To see more of Alex’s beautiful work see here, she’s about to launch a stunning new collection “Honour”.

And some extra Thailand photos. Oh to be back here now.

Love Don xx

One thought on “SETTING GOALS – 24.09.17

  1. Love you Don.. so beautiful. Would love to run with you all in November. Can’t wait to see Courts and Rob with you beautiful bald heads. So much love xxx


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