LIVING IN THE NOW – 01.09.17

I’m writing this as I’m cruising at 304,000 odd feet, high above Malaysia. Laying in a row of 3 seats to myself. Alex in the seats behind me. She also scored the same. Win. Our fellow travellers were looking a tad envious. We took it upon ourselves multiple times to loudly say how comfy we were with so much rooooooom! Ahhhhh. Haha bad I know. But hey. Sometimes you need to take advantage of these situations.

Alex, the little genius she is, emailed Thai Airways ahead of our departure and tried her best for an upgrade, given my situation. Unfortunately they didn’t quite grant that, unless we were willing to pay an additional $1500each. Ahhh no. But what they did do, was sit us in a row each and block the seats next to us. Good on you Thai Airways. Thank you ever so much. Making for a much happier journey.

I still can’t believe the time is finally here. Since we booked this trip back at the start of July, I’ve been hanging to leave Melbourne and our terrible winter.

But before we could we did have some very special little boys birthdays to celebrate. Which I’m pleased to say went very, very well! Reeve now one & Huxley three. My gosh they grow up quick. The dinosaur party went off, Hux had the BEST day. I’ve never seen him the way he was on Saturday, like a child possessed, by the sugar devil. He helped himself to way too many lollies. Oops 😬! Every time you turned around he was diving his hand in the next lolly bowl or fairy bread. But hey, it’s not everyday you turn three and can do what you like. So we left him to it (once the lollies/sugar was removed from his sight). Life is for living & enjoying. And he certainly did that. I did had to battle him into bed at 8pm. He was having way too much fun but was absolutely exhausted. Reevie was a touch overwhelmed by at all, but ended up  enjoying himself and absolutely loving his first taste of cake. Saying multiple times eating it… “mmmmm yummm”. Below is a few party shots for you. As you may notice Gwen is back… but a new & approved version!! Thank you to my hairdresser Jess for making her look the goods and making me feel AMAZING and “normal” again.

Ok. Back to me, and that’s exactly why I’ve taken this trip “Living in the now”. While I can and feel good, why the hell not?! This year has been a roller coaster of emotions. Thankfully I’ve  accepted (well, almost anyway) the hand I’ve been dealt and just need to get on with things. Yes it’s hard. Yes I still get upset. But you can’t live like that. We are here for a good time, not a long time. Thank you to all my special #donnassupportsquad ladies who’ve helped make this trip possible & also to those of you who have purchased #lotusfordonna items too. I needed some time out & sunshine. Thankfully my gorgeous friend Alex – who I actually met 9 years ago when I managed the Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets – was free to come along with me and share some sun, cocktails & laughs. Stay tuned via Insta for holiday spam…. sorry (not sorry) in advance 😝🌴🍹☀️👏🏼.

Also, of late, I’ve had lots of people contact me, thanking me for sharing my story. People whom I’d have no idea would have been even reading my blog. If you do read it, enjoy it or have any comments or even suggestions please get in touch. Even just say hey 👋🏼. It’s nice to get feedback.

Love Don x

#braincancer #lotusfordonna #donnasupportsquad #lotusjournals

P.S. Once I’m home I’ll start arranging the City2Sea for anyone who wanted to join. I’ll be intouch. 

3 thoughts on “LIVING IN THE NOW – 01.09.17

  1. You are an inspiration Donna. My brother has only recently been diagnosed with a grade 4 GBM tumour which is absolutely devastating for us. The fear of what is to come is heartbreaking and so hard to comprehend. To see the way you are handling your diagnosis and the fight you are waging against it is amazing and inspiring. Stay strong and continue the fight. You are doing an amazing job. Enjoy your holiday xx


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