Life is precious, as is this photo. An absolute favourite of mine. The day our beautiful little family expanded to include our gorgeous babe – Reeve. Who is almost now ONE. Time flies when you’re having fun!

Before I was diagnosed with Brain Cancer, I rarely really appreciated what I had and whom I had in my life. Getting a diagnosis like this quickly changes that. As I discovered.

Many of my friends and friends of friends have told me over the past months how much this has changed them too. I’m gutted it had to be me that has made this change but hey, I’m glad I have helped you see things differently. Please continue to appreciate everything & everyone around you and make the most of your life.
As my surgeon told me in January, we don’t know when we will leave this life we have, you could be dead tomorrow – car accident – or a serious illness that strikes & kills instantly. For me however, I know what will likely take my life. Which is terribly frightening, I think the unknown is almost better. Plus you don’t have to ‘fight’ to get through that.

But I guess, by knowing, I can then plan ahead and make the most of now. (As I write this I’m getting a strange sense of deja vu – I think I’ve written about this previously. Apologies if so, the old brain ain’t what she used to be). At the same time of thinking about planning ahead, I know all will be ok, I will beat this, so I don’t need to worry about that. Well that’s what I am hopeful for – got to remain positive.

As I continue on this journey, all I need to do is look at my boys, Seany & my whole family and know they are right behind me every step of the way. So far I’ve endured, the original seizure (on the ever so cruel, Christmas Eve), brain surgery, 14 day stay in hospital, 6wks recovery, 30 sessions of radiation and losing half my hair, putting on kilos upon kilos & now, chemotherapy – I’ve recently completed session 3/12. It’s been a bloody bumpy ride 2017, but I’ve come this far so I’m not giving up yet. My last chemo round was the hardest yet though, my last two days of it I was suffering from nausea which was awful. Thankfully I’m feeling good again.
When I went to see Charlie Teo in April, he gave us his “top 3” of things for me to do to give the best chance of beating this. I can check off the weight loss now, fitness – ahh well I’m working on that one, must go to gym *makes mental note* – and “turmeric, until you turn yellow” well I’m taking that daily, as yet I’m not going yellow though haha.
The whole process is draining, I think our weather here at the moment isn’t helping. Is this the worst winter EVER?! Sure feels like it.

I desperately need a strong dose of vitamin D. Thankfully we are in the process of booking a family holiday to Byron Bay. For some serious R&R by the beach. I don’t think I’ve had a beach holiday in years where you literally do nothing but beach for weeks on end. And I cannot wait!! But first there’s the rest of winter to endure and some very gorgeous boys Birthdays to celebrate. Our darling ‘baby’ Reeve turns one on 25th Aug, followed by his big brother Hux (turning 3), 6 days later on 31st Aug. A big joint bday party coming up which should be great. Dinosaurs, dinosaurs & more dinosaurs seem to be the theme. Hux is obsessed. Reeve doesn’t get much of a choice – poor baby haha. Sean’s been busy renovating the boys cubby for their bday, which is coming up a treat. Progress shot 👇🏼. Still a few finishing touches to go – staining of the deck, floating floor in cubby, blackboard, letter box & sand pit. Aaand if I get my way, a swing set made from our wedding arbour timber – I’m all about sentimental things these days 😜.


I wanted to thank all of you whom have purchased one of Carries Beanies and shared photos of you wearing them on Instagram or Facebook with #Carriesbeanies4braincancer its wonderful to get more recognition of this disease out there. It’s funny I can spot the beanies from a mile away now. Every time I see someone in theirs, I always give them a little smile and nod towards their beanie and they do the same. It’s like your part of a special club, in a way you are. But it’s just not that ‘special’…

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support to help fund vital research to find a cure. I know a lot of you missed out or have some in the last shipment due in a few weeks. Appreciate you all getting involved. This disease effects way too many children & young people. It’s not fair. Our lives are just beginning, not to mention our children’s lives. They need us! Here’s a few of your photos. Still waiting on hearing the final figure on how much was raised this year. I’ll update you once I do hear.


I’ve got my quarterly MRI coming up at the end of the month. Eeeek. Just a little nervous to see what’s happening up there, see what bloody ‘Terry’ is up too. Hopefully shrinking at a rapid rate with the chemo. Or I’ll be happy with ‘stable’ too, just no growth please.


These arrived at my door this morning…..

“Just ’cause, love Courts xx” is what was written on the card on these beautiful flowers. Thank you so much Courts! It really is the little things that mean so much. For those who don’t know, ‘Courts’ is my sister-in-law who lives 5mins from me but still sent these gorgeous blooms this morning.

My hair is coming back a lot more now, it’s finally filling in, little by little. Once I’ve got enough coverage, it’s all coming off with a great shave. I cannot wait. I’m actually really liking the short hair look now, something different. Not that I have alternate options haha!

Love Don xx

#lotusfordonna #braincancer #fighter #positivityonly

3 thoughts on “LIFE IS PRECIOUS. MAKE THE MOST OF IT – 19.7.17

  1. We have inquired after your progress through David and Jan Wood. Jenny ,my wife and Mum ,Pauline knew each other when they were children.
    Having just read your ‘Post’ we were very touched by your story and feel that we know more of your situation.
    We wish you a speedy recovery so as you can do the things you want to do and enjoy your family as they grow.
    Have fun at Byron Bay and soak up the sun..

    Our kindest regards and love from the bottom of our hearts.
    Ian & Jenny Landells.


  2. All the best on your upcoming MRI Donna ❤ and thank you for sharing your journey, you are so strong and amazing, truly inspiring xxx … Ive still been meddling with the juicing, Benton Rise Farm sells fresh Tumeric and it goes a treat through the juicer 😜 love Kate and Zac xxx


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