Finally our beanies arrived today *celebration dance* I have been waiting & watching the “post office” as Hux calls it, in other words, our letter box. All I want to do is wear it non-stop along with the boys and get people talking. Also keep my cold little head warm. It’s insane how much heat escapes. I now know how bald people feel in winter. Beanie definitely required. I was pretty damn excited to get this photo of my beautiful blue eyed family. It just could be a framer. And I’m so happy to finally look at myself in a photo and recognise that person staring back. It’s been bizarre.

Carrie Bickmore has done such an incredible job raising awareness of this shitty disease. The amount of my friends & family who have purchased a beanie is wonderful – thank you all. Don’t forget to upload a selfie or photo with “#carriesbeanies4braincancer” online and get it out there. With your support, there will one day be a cure for this disease and people like me don’t have to suffer and have the possibility of their lives being cut short. The fact that this disease kills more children and adults under 40 than any other disease is in Australia is just deplorable. And the fact that those stats haven’t changed in nearly 30 years. It’s time to make that change.

For me and lots of others, this time in your life is really only the beginning. You’ve moved into your 30’s and settled in jobs, likely have a house, possibly married and children. Yep to all of those. And all of a sudden it’s like a tonne of bricks has just been poured on to our life, halting it in his tracks. Which mind you has now been 6mths. A crazy roller coaster of extreme emotion, stress, doctors visits, medication after medication, surgery, 30 sessions of radiation therapy & now 2 months of 12 completed chemotherapy. I really don’t know how I’m going to tolerate another 10 sessions. I’m ok on it, but the second week after I find I’m so incredibly tired. I’ve had enough already. Time to fuck off Terry.

I’m getting there on the diet too, the Ketogenic diet is far from ideal and I’ve been wanting to quit oh so badly. But, as a friend who’s also been on this journey, recently told me “it’s the hardest thing I’ve EVER done” so I guess every time it gets hard I just have to remind myself of that and keep going – thank you Tara. There is no proven medical studies to say this diet will help in conjunction with radio/chemo but there’s none saying it won’t either and only positive feedback on people who have done it. At the end of the day, I couldn’t really give a shit what perhaps ‘helped me beat brain cancer’ but the fact that if I do (or don’t) at least I know, I’ve left no stone unturned. And never have any ‘what if’ regrets.

The old Keto has been working miracles on weight loss though. If anyone needs to shred a few kgs – this is your diet. I’m back to pre-diagnosed weight now so I’m happy. 10kgs off. Now to get the fitness up, I signed up to the gym a week ago and took my first class on Wednesday- water aerobics, with the nanas šŸ’ŖšŸ¼. I was such a workout haha. Some of the old loves were killing it, much better than I was. So good. The thing I’d totally forgotten about gym, is the bathrooms. Yuck. Must remember to take thongs next time. If I haven’t ended up with “Ar-gen-tinia” (as Sean calls it haha- aka athletes foot) I’ll be surprised. Plus the extreme shameless nudity. Wow. Copped quite the eyeful.

I hope everyone else is well, thanks again for supporting me on this journey. If anyone would like to support Carries wonderful #CB4BC charity even further if you missed out on the beanies, click here to donate or even sign up for VIP notification for next years beanie release date. Don’t forget pre June 30 donations are tax deductible. Also, there is some kids beanies still available so keep your little ones heads warm for a VERY good cause.

Also, if you haven’t got yourself any. If you wish to support me & my family on this journey you can still purchase your #lotusdordonna goodies too, through me directly (just get in touch) or here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the continued love & support.
Don xx

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