HAPPINESS IS….- 12.6.17

Happiness. A noun. The state of being happy.

This is exactly me today. After 2.5mths waiting & wondering if I’d ever see hair on my head again, it’s appeared! Very fine blonde fluff has begun to re-grow on top (well sides & back to be technically correct). Thank god. Very early and obviously I’ll have a loooooong way to go to have a full head of locks again but it’s a start and I’m SO incredibly happy. Only parts so far have started sprouting but it’s looking good. Once there’s enough to actually show, I’ll share a (decent) pic. Now you can just feel it more than see haha. And it’s oh so fuzzy. The Pinterest short hair style board I created back in January in hospital when I was concerned about my 10cm x 2cm patch of baldness (🙄 oh the irony) will finally get a run in the coming months. Might be time to try a few new styles in which I would have never done otherwise.

Terrible photo I know, but I just HAD to share with the fam this morning. Not sure how you take a photo of such small fuzz. Thus the writing on the photo, clearly had to point it out. Haha


Apologies on the lack of updates of late, I have  been meaning to write for the past 2wks, and haven’t quite know what to write about or had the time. Today when I saw the hair sprouting, I thought I must share it. I thought this writing thing was supposed to be easy. Not so. My brain is running on empty. My memory of late has been shocking. But hey that’s all just part of the process, hopefully once I’m off the Keppra (in two years 😩) it may improve again. For now I’ll just annoy everyone with my lack of memory – apologies in advance. 

All going well on my end (besides the memory), I start my second round of chemo tomorrow. We also have a nanny starting with us too – Phoebe. To help out with the boys, which is fantastic and finally give my & Sean’s mum a break after 5 solid months of caring for us and our boys week in & week out. I met her (Phoebe) last week, she is lovely. I’ve worded her up already about Huxley and his dinosaur obsession so she should be well prepared for my crazy little dinosaur mad toddler. Reevie has had a big weekend too, he’s just cut his 4th tooth and started crawling. It’s so bloody cute. A few tears from this emotional mumma. I turned my back today and the next thing he was up on his feet standing (against the couch) where the hell is the time going?! He’s getting so big. My baby. He’s so far breaking all the Nottage cousin records for height, weight etc. So it will be interesting to see if he keeps it up. He’s 10mths at the end of the month. Slow down time!!! My little baby is almost one?!

Mini Break – Queensland ☀️

We spent the week before last on a mini break in the Gold Coast visiting family. Which was a nice break from the bitterly cold weather we’ve got here at the moment. To take the boys to the beach & have Hux run around in the nudie was so good. He had an absolute ball, it was so nice feeling warm in winter! We really questioned ourselves to why the hell we ever moved home from the ‘sunshine state’ all those years ago. You can’t beat a Queensland winter. Was so lovely catching up with the fam and spending a bit of time together – even if the kids together did drive us nuts!! A few happy snaps 💙.

That’s it from me for now. I hope you’re all well and enjoyed your long weekend.

Love Don x

P.S. Carrie Bickmore’s “Beanies for Brain Cancer” has just released this years beanies, if you feel like keeping your head warm and supporting a wonderful cause, click here. Hopefully it’s not too late! They sell like hot cakes.

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