For awhile now I’ve been contemplating sharing a bit more about my radiation treatment, well more specifically, the outcome from that said treatment. Everyone whom has this type of radiation suffers with – hair loss.

For me, this was one of my biggest concerns. Loosing my hair was a BIG deal. I feared this more than the radiation treatment itself.

Your hair I believe, forms part of your identity, so to slowly watch it fall out was incredibly difficult. And for me, I lost my hair slowly over 5-6wks. Everyday when I’d brush, wash or dry my hair I was pulling out hundreds upon thousands of hairs. At the start I cried ALL the time and then like everything in this shitty roller coaster you slowly get used to it. I’m used to my bald head now and I don’t mind it so much (although ideally I’d love my hair back – of course). I find myself looking back at old photos of myself and instantly drawn to my hair. It’s funny.

Just one of the usual morning sites. I think I just about doubled the amount after I took this photo. 

When I began treatment I asked my Radiation Oncologist how much did she expect I would loose, she couldn’t really say but she produced the size of a orange/grapefruit with her hands.. I thought ahh shit, look not ideal but it could be worse. Maybe I’d still be able to work some magic on it with a sweet combover, which did thankfully work for a week or two before it became way too obvious. And then the truth started showing… I was going bald. VERY bald. This is when Seany became my personal hat shopper. I think he ended up buying me about 15 different hats – caps, beanies & wide brim. Thank goodness. They’ve all had their fair share of wear. I couldn’t face public without them. As you’ve probably noticed one features in nearly every photo of me these days, unless I have Gwennie. But I’m finding I even prefer Gwen with a hat. Sort of defeats the purpose though doesn’t it? haha
The funniest thing about my hair now, it’s stopped falling out (win!) but just the pattern I am left with. It’s a “Friar Tuck” style of sorts, all around the edges with basically none on top except for  a few stray thinning hairs and a perfect little round tuft on the top of my head. See below….bizarre hey? Apparently I could maybe expect some regrowth by September *you’ll find me just here staring at my watch*. We will see, that will mark 6mths from when radiation was completed.  I never really wanted to share these images and I’m very mindful of wearing a hat/scarf/beanie at all times so no one will see. I guess I’m just scared about what people may think and pass judgement, but I want to be open and honest about where I am and not be ashamed.

I have also contemplated shaving it, but for now I’m keeping my mullet so I can have at least something out the back of my hat. Maybe once it starts growing I’ll shave it so it can all grow together. Considering I’m this bald, I may as well try the whole thing.
Hopefully by sharing this someone else whom is battling the same knows they’re not alone. It’s hard, but we will get there #braincancerwarriors 👊🏼. Quite the look hey?! Haha

Fundraising Morning Tea

On Friday 12th May, I held a Biggest Morning Tea. For my closest friends & family. We had over 40 adults & 15 kids (all under 4!). It was quite the busy morning. I decided on the day I wanted some funds to go directly to a Brain Cancer charity along with the Cancer Council aswell. So I chose Carrie Bickmores “Beanies 4 Brain Cancer”. We ended up raising $1378 in total!

$610 for the Cancer Council plus another $768 for Beanies for Brain Cancer. Amazing effort! And also a few more #lotusfordonna goodies went out the door. So much delicious food, and many friends who went out of their way and made me special Keto treats. Thank you. A BIG thank you also to all of you whom joined in this special day and for the businesses/individuals who donated prizes for the raffle – ITS NOW COOL, Easey St Group, Nutrimetics, Norm Stanistreet, Intimo &  Ems Beauty Boutique. Much appreciated!

Chemo – 1 out of 12 complete

In the past week I have also completed my first round of chemo. Pleased to say so far so good, no unpleasant side effects. But who knows as the months roll on. Fingers crossed 🤞🏼. Keep all your positivity rolling my way.

Love Donxx

3 thoughts on “THE TRUTH BEHIND RADIATION – 23.5.17

  1. Great work dons.. you are amazingly strong 💪🏽 you seem to be able to do anything …love Mike… mullets are so in right now!!!


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