FEELING FLAT – 25.4.17

On Sunday, for the first time felt flat. I didn’t necessarily have anything go wrong or have a legitimate reason (besides the obvious). I just felt down and I couldn’t explain why. A bit like the this plant. (📷 from Instagram @squirrel_queens)

It’s the first time in this whole nightmare of the past few months I’ve actually felt this way. Which is rather surprising. I’ve never been one to suffer from depression or anything of the sort. Thankfully my SIL Meika did mention this can be a side effect, going off my medication. Otherwise I would have thought I was in for serious trouble. I could have honestly stayed in bed and just cried. And that’s all I wanted to do. No energy. No motivation. I didn’t want to do anything else. When Sean noticed I wasn’t my normal self he asked what was wrong and I honestly had no answer. Nothing was actually wrong so to speak, I just didn’t feel right. I didn’t feel my normal self. So I took myself to bed, sobbing.

Thankfully Sean came in and persuaded me to get up, and go for a walk, clear the head and get some fresh air. So that’s exactly what I did. I ended up walking for 6.5km. Which was great, the first decent walk I’ve done minus the pram & kiddies, in who knows how long. Thankfully I didn’t have the pram I would seriously not have made it haha. I’ve got about 35kg of weight to push when I do (2 babies plus a bugaboo donkey), and hills at the moment are not my friend – but when are they ever?! After not exercising for months I’m extremely unfit. But I’m slowly getting back there, along with the new diet that started last Tuesday (7 days in) exercise is to be a regular morning ritual once again. And if you can’t get fit walking for 6kms pushing 35kgs I don’t know what would work? It’s a serious workout! Haha

So the diet has begun as mentioned – Ketogenic – and so far so good. I’m 2kgs down in the first week alone. So I’m pretty happy with that and I’ve surprised myself how good I’ve been. Sean has joined me in it too, we’ve both managed to get through a full week without cheating. What is a Ketogenic diet you may ask? Basically it’s a low carb, zero sugar & high fat diet. High fat diet, sounds strange hey?! I know. But it seems to be amazing. You basically train your body to use fat as an alternative fuel. By getting your body into a state of Ketosis. I found this website the most helpful if you’re keen to know more. Click here.

The zero sugar thing I’m finding hard, only due to no fruit. I love fruit but due to the sugar content it’s off the menu 😩. Oh well. I’d rather beat this tumour than have fruit. And I can have some berries now & then. They have the lowest carb & sugar content of all fruits. And I can occasionally “treat” myself with some grapes, watermelon or apple. Haha what a treat 🙄!

Today marks 5mths since this all really begun. I can’t believe it. Now that I say that it sort of seems quick, but during the process it certainly has not been. I hope the rest of this year just flies by. Along with that “milestone” our beautiful little Reevie is 8mths today.

I hope you all have a wonderful ANZAC day today. Lest we forget.

Come on the bombers!!!

🔴⚫️🔴⚫️ xx

2 thoughts on “FEELING FLAT – 25.4.17

  1. Hi Donna,
    I think the ketogenic diet is fantastic, (easier to follow than some diets I’ve been on in the past) and very healthy. All the best with it, gorgeous girl, I hope it is a great success for you. Hugs, Helen Pratt


  2. Keep up the great work Donna, you are smashing it and it’s definately ok to feel flat sometimes. The beauty is you have a fantastic support in Sean and your boys and family to pull you straight out of it and get you back to feeling you again. Much Love x


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