HAPPY EASTER – 18.4.17

Happy Easter to all, yes I know, Easter is now over. I had intended on writing this over the weekend and getting it out sooner. But I was busy enjoying some family time and I didn’t quite get there. I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend with friends & family. Here’s a little family snap for you. It only took about 100 shots to get a decent one. And it’s not even good! Haha. I don’t think we even had one where everyone was looking 🙄.

We’ve spent the weekend with Sean’s family down in South East Gippsland. It was so lovely to escape and have a change of scenery and let Hux run wild with his cousins and enjoy farm life. We were here last year too for Easter (and the year prior – it’s tradition now), it’s crazy to think of us then, a family of three without a worry in the world, with the next little “Nottage” baking away in my tummy. Life certainly can throw a curve ball. Thankfully little Reevie arrived before it did.

A big shout out and THANK YOU to all of you who have sent your love, support and beautiful messages last week with the start of my long awaited (and extremely delayed 😬) blog – The Lotus Journals. It means so much to me that so many of you care, and I feel so happy in the fact that by sharing my story its helping so many of you too and I am managing to change your perspectives on what is important in life. You only get one, so live it and live it well!! Be thankful for who & what is around you.

Who knows where this shitty journey will take me, but there’s one thing for sure, it’s changed me forever. Looking at my boys it kills me that I have to go through this. As much as I try not too, I always have the “what if’s” creep into my head, what if….this is it for me, what if…. I don’t see them grow up, what if…they don’t remember me…its awful and makes me oh so upset. I try not to have these thoughts but it’s so incredibly hard not to let your mind run away sometimes. But it’s ok, I always manage to shake these off as I HAVE to remain positive. There is no need for these thoughts, as failing is NOT an option. I WILL always be here for them.

I’ve just started reading a book called ‘Radical Remission’ which is basically about people who have healed their own cancer with thanks to alternative therapies not just conventional medicine. It’s a wonderful book and definitely the avenue I’ll be heading down now in conjunction with the conventional (medicine). The author explains about diet and the old saying “you are what you eat” is so true. She explains it by saying if you put bad fuel in your car you wouldn’t expect it to run well, the same with your body. If you put in bad “fuel” (food) it won’t run to its full potential. Of course you know this and I always have, but I have always made excuses even in the past months when I knew I shouldn’t be eating certain things. Reading her statement now, finally struck a cord with me. Now is the time to get my body as healthy as can be and fight this sucker from within. So no more excuses. I need to win. Fully reformed cancer fighting diet started today. I enjoyed my last of my “bad” food over the weekend. I figured it would be just waaaay to hard to start any earlier. Plus I needed to enjoy my last Easter egg for awhile haha. It’s now time to step it up and fight like I’ve never fought before. Brain Tumour you’re going down. As soon as I got home yesterday I took straight to the pantry and took out anything that didn’t fit our new diet, fair to say the old pantry was looking a tad empty. Restocking with healthy & nutritious foods happened today and I’m off to the market tomorrow to pick up some nice organic veggies.

My sister in law just asked me over the weekend, did I ever write anything when I just found out about my diagnosis… and I realised I hadn’t shared much about that. And the answer to that is yes, yes I did. Diary entries, plus letters to both the boys and Seany prior to heading in for surgery. But I decided to keep them to myself as they’re pretty personal. Something’s certainly need to remain private. If someone asked me prior to all this occurring if I’d ever write a personal blog and talk about myself & my thoughts. No way in hell. It’s funny how circumstances can change you. I felt compelled to share on that first day of my surgery and I’m not sure why. After I got such lovely responses and well wishes I just had to continue writing and sharing my story so here we are!

Thankfully I’ve nearly completely reduced my Dex (steroid) dose, with no great side effects as yet. Absolute bonus. Coming off these can have some terrible side effects for some people.

This coming Saturday I have a follow up MRI post radiation which is a little scary. I have been told not to expect much as most likely the tumour will appear bigger due to swelling from the radiation (which apparently can take up to 12mths to show a change). Then the next step, I have an appointment with the Nuero Oncology team at the start of May to find out more about Chemotherapy and make a plan moving forward. Ticking the boxes one step at a time. I’ll keep you updated when I have more news.

Love Don xx

P.S. Here’s to my first “live” post on WordPress, what a journey it’s been to get here. And a few extra photos from the fun of Easter 🐣 x

2 thoughts on “HAPPY EASTER – 18.4.17

  1. Happy Easter lovely. Could your family be any cuter. So glad your back with the boys.
    Thanks so much again for sharing your posts. You’re always in my thoughts. We’ve been cleaning up our diets and getting on the health bandwagon too thanks to you lady. Sending all my love your way xox


  2. Oh Donna, what a beautiful post. You, my lovely lady are an inspiration to us all xx❤️❤️


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