Diary Entry – 10.4.17

(Written 10.4 – never published)

The very long awaited day is here. I’ve only talked about this blog since the very beginning of this nightmare, in early Jan. And I’ve just FINALLY got here. Woo hoo! Ok it’s fair to say I have been a tad busy, so getting spare time to learn how to work WordPress hasn’t been at the top of my priority list. But I’m now here. It’s complete, ready for you to read. I do hope you enjoy it. It’s definitely been a great release for me writing.

A little update…

I’m feeling good. Dropping my steroid dose by the day – thank god. Hopefully all going well I should be off them completely next week. 🙌🏼Although my hair is still falling out on a daily basis (I didn’t know I had so much to loose!!), my head is now so very bald. I’ve actually got used to how I look now, although I definitely don’t like it, but there’s not much I can do about it. Things will return (hopefully) to normal soon. My Aunty-in-law has recently given me some miracle shampoo & moisturiser that’s supposedly to help regrow your hair quicker. So fingers crossed it works. Thankfully we are now heading into beanie weather too.

This past weekend Sean & I took a mini break and went to Bondi, after the horror of the past 3 months it was needed. It was my step brother Ryan & his wife Josie’s idea, very kindly they showed us around and a very fun time – football Friday night, where Sean got to see his beloved pies win from deep within Sydney enemy territory. He was just a little exited. We couldn’t believe our luck that the footy was on when we were going. We wined & dined, swam, laid in the sunshine and just had a real (well deserved, in my opinion) break.

We also managed to catch up with my step sister Sarah, her partner Mike and our little niece Nia, which was amazing. And also some other good friends Cherie & Josh for breaky on Sunday. And randomly a good friend Sarah & her husband Nick who just happened to be in town that weekend for her bday. So good to see you Sarsy!
My original plan of getting my first tattoo (the boys names i’d planned on adding to my ribs) while I was in Bondi didn’t quite work out, I got too nervous & afraid of fainting. Haha. Maybe next time instead.

Anyway we had an absolute ball and now understand the hype that is Bondi. Definitely not really a great place for the self esteem, skinny minis with ultimate tans EVERYWHERE. But what an amazing place. We absolutely scored on the weather, getting our last dose of decent hot weather/sunshine I’d think for the year.
On Saturday night “Gwennie” got her first real run. I was very unsure about it, but decided I had to give it a go. It was great. Although I didn’t feel like myself and with sunnies on I didn’t even recognise my own reflection, I felt like a imposter. But it was ok. At least for the first time in over a month I didn’t have to wear a hat to dinner! It was thumbs up all round from the extended fam which was good. I was pretty pumped also that I didn’t have to “do” my hair to go out, chuck on Gwen and you’re good to go. Best thing is her hairstyle is good for over a fortnight!! Win. No blow drying or styling required.

We finished off the weekend with lunch at Watsons Bay Hotel which was the Sydney equivalent I thought of the Beach Hotel in Byron. So beautiful with views of the city & harbour bridge. AMAZING.
Definitely a 10/10 weekend and exactly what we needed. We stayed at QT in Bondi, which I highly recommend if you needed Bondi accom. Leaving the lovely 27 degrees to be arriving back to the “balmy” 10 degrees & rain that was Melbourne, wasn’t ideal. But so nice to be home again with the boys. Time to rug up now and bunker down for the winter, thank god for our new central heating we put in last year!!

Love Don xxx

P.S. Welcome to the Lotus Journals and happy reading!

The typical tourist shots!

A few happy snaps!

2 thoughts on “Diary Entry – 10.4.17

  1. It was so lovely to see you Don, the best coinsidence! It looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time and I thought you looked very ‘Bondi’ for the record xx


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