Diary Entry – 31.3.17 & 5.4.17

(Written 31.3 & 5.4- never published)

Today I received delivery of my new hair. Yep, you heard right. I’ve purchased a wig. It’s not something I would have ever dreamed of having to do but now faced with my half bald melon with the possibility of 6mths plus without any hair regrowth it’s something I had to do. As to how much I will wear it, I don’t know. But at least now I have another option rather than just hats & beanies. Thank god for winter coming!!

Last week along with my sister-in-law Bonnie on one of my last radiation days we visited a wig shop on the way home. I met a lovely lady Tammy who runs the store, she herself suffers from alapecia so wearing a wig daily for her is as normal as wearing clothes. She was lovely and assisted me trying on a few different styles & colours. After some deliberations and returning the next day to try some more and get another opinion from my mother-in-law Robin. I ended up purchasing “Gwenyth” aka Gwennie as she’ll be affectionately known. This was no cheap purchase let me tell you, I ended up with a real hair wig (opposed to synthetic) due to the endless possibilities with it, I can wash, style – curl, straighten etc and part anyway I like. I’m not limited to the one style like synthetic. To everyone who donated to my GoFundMe page, thank you. This was purchased with some of that money. I figured if this wig just helps me feel “normal” even just once, it’s well worth every dollar.

Next week I’m taking Gwennie to be styled, so I’ll add some photos once she’s up & running! I think she’ll need colouring as she is quite the blonde bombshell haha! (another bonus you can dye her!).


P.S. Added 5.4.17 – took Gwennie to the hairdresser today, here she is!! Pretty amazing really. Feels a tad odd on, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. Still can’t believe this is me and I have a wig. It’s the most surreal thing. As is this whole damn experience. But I’m slowly learning to come to terms with it all. Thankfully all my beautiful family & friends are so incredibly supportive and helping me through these tough times.

When I got home today from the hairdresser I was wondering what Hux would say, as he’s been looking at my bald head for the past week. He didn’t even blink an eyelid haha! Kids. I’m sure the ultimate confusion will come when he sees Gwennie off and she’s hanging up! Haha. Apologies in advance for the selfie.

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