Diary Entry – 29.3.17

(Written 29.3 –  never published)

Today I came home, it’s been a long road to get here. Although we technically came home last Thursday after moving out of the Southbank apartment, which was perfect as it meant we were home for my birthday (Sun 26th).

My birthday was spent with immediate family and close friends at home. It was the perfect afternoon, beautiful weather, delicious food and wonderful company. It started with a beach swim at Mount Martha which was just amazing and my first swim for the entire summer season. Considering I didn’t really get  to enjoy that this year (damn you brain tumour 🙄and ruining our summer plans of lazy days at the beach with the kids).

Beach swim delight

Family birthday shot –  not hard to guess what I wished for blowing out those candles.

Sean and I finished of the radiation in style with two nights at Crown Promanade. Very kindly Crown’s charity committee gave me one free nights accommodation after writing to them with my story. We had a very enjoyable last two days of radiation while staying there (well enjoyable minus the radiation part), finishing the last day in complete style with a cocktail at Madame Brussels on the rooftop terrace in the sunshine and dinner at Rockpool. As we went to pay for the bill at Rockpool, our waiter advised that the bottle of wine we ordered came free, compliments of Gemma & Matt for finishing radiation – one of my best friends & her boyfriend. It was the sweetest gesture. Thank you so much Gem & Matt!! The meal was absolutely amazing, complemented by a win on the roulette table on our way back to our room. I quickly pocketed $200 in chips while we played out the remaining win. Safe to say we ended up then leaving empty handed. But we were up so we were happy! While we were at the roulette table my worst nightmare occurred, Crown security approached me and told me I needed to remove my hat. I almost cried, the thought of having to be bare headed was so humiliating. Thankfully once I told them why I was wearing it they apologised and said it was ok to keep it on.
After our two nights stay at Crown and the radiation now complete, Sean had to go off to work on the Wednesday. His lovely Aunty Janey came & collected me from Crown and drove me home. I was most excited to get home to my boys and see them both. Huxley was very happy to have his mumma home and didn’t leave my side for most of the day. Reevie I don’t think really had any idea what’s been happening but he did give me a great big smile which was beautiful. It’s been such a long time away from my gorgeous boys, it’s going to be AMAZING being home permanently with them. I’ll only need to travel once a month to town now for follow up appointments. Thank god!

We’ve just crossed the 3mth mark in this nightmare. At least we’re slowly ticking the boxes. Surgery, done. Radiation, done. Chemotherapy, starts May…

Don xx

Seany & my elevator selfie – on the way to Rockpool 😝 

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