Diary Entry – 15.03.17

(Written 15.3.17 – Never published)

Today I attended a ‘Look Good Feel Better’ day at Peter Mac. I was super excited about it as I thought it sounded awesome and I’d heard positive reviews (my own mum included – who’s been through breast cancer). All I knew was I was going to get free makeup and it was to be a pampering style day to as they say “face cancer with confidence”. Sounds pretty good right? Ah I was wrong. The only thing it did do, apart from the free makeup, was give me & Meika (my sister in law- whom came along and sat on the sidelines) a delicious free lunch.

The program is aimed to help women suffering from cancer & its side affects. It offers tips & tricks on doing makeup and also how to fold scarves & turbans on their balding beautiful heads and also how to fit wigs etc to make the cancer journey just that bit better. Which perhaps would be good for some, but I was the youngest in the room by about 20yrs. So I didn’t exactly have much in common with these other women besides the obvious – cancer & a balding melon!

At one point they showed how to turn a $2 Kmart t-shirt into a head scarf by cutting off the arms & twisting it and then added “bling” ($2 shop lace headbands & cheap pearl broaches😳) to make it “cool”. Ok at this point I was done.

You sit down in front of a supplied mirror with makeup all laid around and they tell you how to apply it. Disaster. I honestly felt worse when I left than the aim of the day. I had done my makeup prior to attending, then to have to remove it and apply theirs which was 5 shades too light for me with poor coverage and put on eye shadow, blush etc was a nightmare. I kept on peering over at Meika throughout it and I could tell she felt my pain.

I understand these days could be good for some, but I don’t know how sitting around in a group of women and removing your makeup and made to apply some other supplied makeup is good for you?! I was already feeling self conscious with my balding head, removing my makeup was the last thing I needed. Anyway, I did it. I definitely wouldn’t do it again. I did however leave with a bag of free makeup, the foundation I’ll never use but I did get a great mascara & eye brow pencil. One, well two bonuses (plus the lunch!).

At the end of the day we went down and visited the wig centre at Peter Mac, it’s a library of sorts for wigs. They have heaps donated, so patients can borrow them throughout their treatment. A wonderful idea should you not be in the position to purchase one of your own. I decided I’d try a couple for fun as who knows how long I’ll be without hair. My god. The first one she gave me looked like 50 others had worn it before me and it was so shaggy and old. Needless to say I passed. After trying on a few others Meika & I agreed that none were very suitable. The lady there also offered free hair cuts and considering the state of my thinning long hair I decided a bob cut would be a good idea. So the lovely women gave me a very nice new hair do. This was the saving grace on the whole day. When we got home Meika curled it for me and I felt AMAZING for the first time in weeks. Loving the short new do. Heres a selfie of it, wouldn’t know I’m missing half my hair hey?! Win.

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