Instagram – 8.3.17

Woooo hoooo! We are here. Half way. Thank god. Radiation treatment is starting to wear thin, literally. Last week I started loosing my hair, it’s been a very hard thing to deal with. You don’t realise how much your appearance changes the way you feel. I could deal with this treatment but now I’ve started loosing hair and gaining weight due to my medication it’s all of a sudden becoming a lot harder. But I have to keep reminding myself it’s temporary, my hair WILL eventually grow back and my weight will go back to normal once I can get off this medication. Just more bumps in the road I need to deal with in the meantime.

I’ve got Glenn (my brother) down from Queensland this week spending time with me taking me to radiation. It’s so nice to spend time together. Heading out tonight with Seany, Glenn & friends to Long Chim at Crown. A celebration of sorts for getting half way through treatment!! Hopefully the next 14 days fly by and I can once more get back to “normality”. Thank you to everyone for your continued support, love & well wishes.
Love Don x

P.S. Can I permanently have this snappy filter as my face?! Haha

#owardsandupwards #positivityonly #fighter #astrocytoma #petermac #familyandfriends #valuelifeandappreciatewhatsaroundyou #dontsweatthesmallshit #donnassupportsquad #lotusfordonna #selfie

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