Instagram – 28.2.17

day 10 / 30

It’s here!! Today will mark one third of my way through my radiation at Peter Mac. It’s fair to say I’m pretty excited to get to this milestone knowing that I’ve only got 20 sessions to go.

The team at Peter Mac have been absolutely amazing. Your lovely messages, support, visits, gifts & donations have been still amazing me – thank you. I cannot believe the support I have. A huge thanks to #donnassupportsquad ladies and all your necklace posts, so nice to see you all wearing them. Also watch this space for a new product coming soon which a lovely local business @sunkissed_torquay is helping me with too #lotusfordonna is coming!! Also my blog has FINALLY been started (in a very small form – this weeks job to make it pretty). Details to come soon.

I thought I’d share with you an image of the machine which I visit each day. Me and this machine hang out for only about 6-7mins. It’s quite the experience getting strapped in and then have this machine move about your head radiating this a-hole in my brain.

So far so good though, I’ve felt better yes, but after the weekend at home with my boys and two days off I definitely felt a lot better yesterday. Hopefully after each break I’ll feel good, and just tire by the end of the week. Which is fine. 2 days off and recharge the batteries and we are good to go!

Love Don xx

#owardsandupwards #positivityonly #fighter #astrocytoma #donnassupportsquad
#petermac #familyandfriends #valuelifeandappreciatewhatsaroundyou #dontsweatthesmallshit #gofundme #lotusfordonna

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