Instagram – 15.2.17

WED 15th February (Day 1/30)

So today is the day. The day, I really start to kick this tumours butt. I can’t quite believe it’s here. Today also marks 6wks from brain surgery, which has flown by so quickly, fingers crossed the next 6 will be the same.

Thankfully I now feel good (apart from the side effects of the drugs I’m on – sleeplessness & weight gain, really just like being pregnant again!! Far from ideal after loosing those unwanted excess baby kilos just before this happening. But oh well got to take some good with the bad – I’m here, alive & I am going to beat this!). I know the way I feel in myself will change over the next few weeks. Obviously, side effects of radiation therapy can knock you about a bit. Everyone responds differently so hopefully I’ll be ok, fatigue is the no 1. Plus the possibility of hair loss also. Awesome. But hey I’ll take that and wear hats for life or proudly show my ‘scar & bald spot’ for the world to see – just to be here. Life is FAR more important than looks.

Thank you to all for the messages of support over the past 24hrs. So much positivity 🙌🏼✨. This sucker IS going down.

I’ll update you all along the way (blog still hasn’t started 😬) that dammed ‘to do’ list is constantly growing. But you can follow on facey/Insta for now. I’ll transfer it all over one day, or perhaps just publish it into 2017/18’s best selling novel… For now, thank you and all your positive vibes my way today (and every day for the next 6wks). Also, a big shout out to all of #donnassupportsquad ladies for your necklace purchases. I hope you love them as much as I do!! Anyone that still would like one you’ve got limited time to contact @meikaalice get on board.


Don xx

#owardsandupwards #positivityonly #fighter #astrocytoma #donnassupportsquad #petermac #familyandfriends #valuelifeandappreciatewhatsaroundyou #dontsweatthesmallshit #letsgetthisshowontheroad ✌🏼

@seannn83 💙

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