Instagram – 2.2.17

Da da daaaaaa: PETER MAC DAY

Morning all, I know I said I’d start a blog soon and I will. But for now, as I yet have not, I thought I’d give a little update via old mate insty.

Today is my first appointment at Peter Mac Cancer Centre. There, I’ve FINALLY said that “C” word. Which hasn’t sat with me well from the beginning. Basically in a way because my surgeon preferred to talk about my tumour as it actually was. An Astrocytoma. I don’t have “cancer” (although I technically do – denial). It’s just such a broad term, he explained it as cancer was a disease that generally spreads and my Astrocytoma is a ‘one of’ and yes it’s malignant, but it’s just sitting there in my brain. Basically just being a pain in the ass. And just needs further treatment to get rid of it due to its nature to finish it off.

So today marks the start of my journey, I know I WILL beat. I have appointments after appointments today, followed by another MRI to see the progress from the surgery. I also believe I get fitted for my “space helmet” in which is used to ensure when the radiation begins they target the exact area – good thing. We don’t need any extra radiation effecting my genius mind πŸ˜‰!

Although today marks my first appt at Peter Mac. Treatment won’t officially begin for another 10 days plus.
It’s a bit of a scary day ahead, but I’m also thankful it’s finally here and we can get this show on the road. And as a bonus at the end of the day today my brother Glenn & Sister in-law Meika arrive. I’m beyond excited to see them both and spend the weekend together!!
I’ll update you all as I continue along and I WILL get the blog started soon.
Don xx

P.S. πŸ“· during a relaxing afternoon spent at my sister Bons house last week. Blanket, sun lounge & little Reeve just chilling with his mumma πŸ’™. While Hux & Huey ran a muck πŸ™„ keeping grandma & Aunty Bon on their toes!!
#owardsandupwards #positivityonly #fighter #astrocytoma

#petermac #familyandfriends #valuelifeandappreciatewhatsaroundyou #dontsweatthesmallshit

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