Diary Entry – 30.1.17

(Written: Monday 30th Jan – never published)

Today is 3 weeks since I came home. And my god has it been the BEST three weeks of my life. Being in your own environment recovering is just that much more better for the mind, body & soul. Not to mention my head. Although I still get the odd headache I’m feeling ok, lack of sleep is still a high concern. 4-5hrs is a good night but that’s of broken sleep. But hey that’s ok. Sadly I’m beginning to get used to it.

I’m now running a similar little hair do to Reeve. Which also looks quite similar to a kiwi fruit haha! It’s growing by the day, healing well and Wednesday amazingly marks 4 weeks since surgery. As you can see by the photos I am slowly getting some hair coverage on my scar, it initially was a little confronting but now as it heals its ok. It’s bloody amazing how the body works. I have also worked out that I can now part my hair on the left hand side (been a right hand girl for some years now) and you can barely notice my scar. Absolute win. As to what’s next and how my hair will stand up to radiation & chemo that’s another story and we will just have to wait and see how that unfolds.

Although it’s been tough as I’m still finding myself incredibly weak in the legs and arms (14 days in a hospital bed kills your muscles), I have been getting out and about walking more and increasing my exercise. Little by little. Which is so nice. I’ve had visitors by the bucket loads, meal train deliveries, parcels, lovely cards, flowers and still go fund me donations – thank you everyone, I feel so incredibly loved.

My brother Glenn & sister-in-law Meika check info camp Nottage on Thursday for 3 nights. Give mum a little break and us some quality time together which hasn’t happened for awhile. We’d had tickets to go to Queensland last week for a holiday but given the circumstances had to cancel. So thankfully they’re coming to us instead. Unfortunatley minus niece & nephew but 4 kids under 3 wouldn’t be good for the head haha (Thanks Aunty Bridge & Uncle Matty)!

This past week has shown a big change in the Nottage house – our gorgeous boys have now moved into the same room.Which is too cute for words. Hux has given up his cot to “Reevie” and is now in his big boy bed – a few rough nights and tough love by grandma he’s getting there. We decided to do this as due to my year ahead we now more than ever need a spare room. Between my gorgeous mum & my mother in law Robin plus other family and friends all pitching in to help, we will basically for the next year have to have someone here with us. Especially as unfortunately Sean needs to return to work – second week of Feb. I’m not looking forward to this, but we cannot survive without an income. He has been my absolute knight in shining armour, best husband and dadda ever! I think Hux is going to be very sad to see dadda head off to work again (not to mention me and Sean too).
Thankfully his work has been very supportive and so kind allowing him extra time off.

Along with the amazing constant support of all of you, this week we’ve also had a great friend Russ lend a hand around the house finishing off our paving from our renovations that hadn’t quite been completed before this unfolded. He gave up his day of work on Friday do this for us and Russ we thank you SO much we are so very lucky to call you our friend and appreciate it more than anything! Finally everything is coming together and I can move about the whole house safely outside without having to worry.

The countdown is now on for Peter Mac, I start on Thursday. Well my book in appointment, CT scan & MRI. I can only assume I’ll get my radiation schedule from then and hope like hell it may just be completed by my birthday (March 26)! That would be amazing. All going well and starting hopefully the week after next I should be.

That’s all for now. Hopefully this week this blog will all come live and you can actually read it. I hope you do enjoy it as much as I do writing.

Don xx

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