Diary Entry – 23.1.17

(Written 23.1.17 – never published)

It’s been almost a week since I have written and not because I haven’t had a million thoughts running through my head at a million different times I wanted to document and share but more so that I’ve been trying to let my brain rest and keep away from my phone a little. Clearly unsuccessful most days and obviously, right now.

Although, this message is only now coming to you because as I was blissfully sleeping Huxley (monster child tonight) decided to wake up and scream the house down. And he’s now in our bed, laying horizontally between Sean and I (luckily I score the head end, Seany ALWAYS gets feet which he likes to poke into you 🙄). Oh toddlers. I can only dream for the sleep I may have had otherwise now. I’ve taken some extra medication in the hope that will knock me off and I can sleep again but until that happens I’ll write….

This past week I have had lots of visits from beautiful friends & family, they’ve come baring gifts, food, cuddles, shoulders to lean on and at sometimes cry. It’s been so nice catching up with everyone although very emotional. But let’s face it. That’s what life is now for the time being. This whole situation has hit EVERYONE hard, not just myself and my family. These sort of situations aren’t supposed to happen to people you know. I still can’t quite comprehend it’s happening to me. During the visits, I also insisted on just hearing normal news too, what are they up to, how was their Christmas & NY? There was one common theme, everyone’s was a lot better than mine!!

I decided on Tuesday that Sean and I would have our first outing. I got ‘dressed up’ not by normal standards but definitely no pjs in sight. Even managed a hair wash & blow dry  strategically covering my little bald patch, applied new Xmas sunnies I hadn’t had the chance to wear – thanks Santa – and we went down to Store Fifteen in Mornington. My god. Best decision ever.  The famous Acai bowl, I’ve heard so much about but never tried. Partially because I’ve never known how to pronounce it haha!! And that in itself is just embarrassing. So I kindly asked the waiter and pointed at some girls at a table “I’ll have what they’re having please”…. perfect. No need to embarrass myself (took a mental note however on how to pronounce once the waiter repeated it back, but instantly forgot). Much to Sean’s horror, bacon or a big breaky does not feature here so he went with the smashed avo, chilli, dhukka, mint with fresh lemon toast. Holy hell. Another absolute delicious meal. In which he thoroughly enjoyed too. A must try if in Mornington. Breaky, coupled with the most delicious coffees and a green juice, Sean almost had to roll me out haha. But it was so nice to leave the house and do something different and be ‘normal’. Kids had a play date with nanna and my sister-in-law and nephews while we went out and had a ball! In fact Hux didn’t want to come home with mummy & daddy when we arrived back to collect them haha.

The bowl of heaven – so good I HAD to photograph.

I also had a follow up with my local GP this week and in good news the head is healing well. Wooo hooo! Although itchy as hell (apparently a sign of healing – bonus) it’s good. I have now got a little patch of fuzz increasing by the day.

This afternoon three of my gorgeous best friends came to visit. Lauren, Miranda & Jaclyn. Although Jac’s visit was short but sweet (mid-marking uni assignments) it was oh so good to spend some time with my girls and attempt to not talk about me. Jaclyn herself is 25ish weeks pregnant with no 3 (and a girl! After 2 boys!) so it’s all very exciting. Aunty Don has already been shopping up a storm. So exciting to be getting a little girl in the mix after boys boys boys!

Then Miranda & Loz the absolute sweethearts went and picked up the most amazing lunch spread and we sat on our new undercover area which is almost complete from our major house renos which were undertaken mid last year. (Thankfully pretty much completed before this occurred). It was heaven and nice to finally get to use it.

After lunch my ever so thoughtful husband found every rug, cushion available in the house and layered them on our beautiful lawn under the gumtree and we just sat, and chatted and momentarily I got to forget the situation at hand and have a laugh with friends – they do say laughter is best form of medicine. I did also lay down and take a cheeky little nap amongst it all haha! While the girls and Seany deflected Huxley away from me. It was absolutely delightful and just what I needed – a little nanny nap.

Photo of the girls & I with Hux & Reevie too

After our lounging. I decided I need a visit to my local shops – a place I visited pretty much daily until Xmas Eve Eve. It’s been almost a month. It was like being a kid in a candy store!! I was that excited to be back there haha. Sounds sad I know a visit to Woolies. But a huge step I feel in my recovery. After basically emptying the shelves of delicious summer fruits, healthy snacks and the essentials we went home. It felt SO good to get out. It’s the little things these days I take for granted…. thanks Lozzy.

So today marked 3 weeks at home from hospital. Amazing milestone. Thankfully each day I’m feeling a little better and now ever so slightly stepping up the exercise to get my strength back. I can’t get over how weak I am. My legs have nothing left to give. But that’s ok I’ll get there.

Photo with my boys this morning. Morning cuddles are just the BEST. Although not a great photo (how long are my arms?! Haha) I’m just so happy to be here with them, they are my world and there’s nothing better in the world than them 💙. I’m one lucky mumma!

For now I must sleep, well attempt too (4:29am)…who knows when the monster beside me might stir. Best to try and rest…

Donna xx

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