Diary Entry – 17.1.17 

(Written 17.1.17 – but never published)

Hello. Awake again. It’s 2:51am and I’m wide awake very carefully trying not to wake sleeping beauty (aka Huxley) whom tonight around midnight ended up in our bed. He’s currently sleeping horizontally between Sean and I. Any sudden movement/pushing that annoying iPhone speaker button (which for some reason is a regular occurrence of mine without FAIL when I’m trying to be quiet. Why does this happen!?!) so far however, so good. Phew.
Today is my gorgeous niece Mayas 3rd birthday. I will never forget the day she was born. A little girl 💕. The best. We’d made plans to visit my brother Glenn & his wife Meika (actually they weren’t married yet – bastard child haha. Not that i can comment here I had one too 😂) in Queensland a week after her due date. Our first niece or nephew on either side. We were both SO excited. Plus we were also getting to share some equally exciting news of our own upon seeing them. Maya was to be a cousin in 8 short months!! We couldn’t wait. We’d just had our scan and given the all clear that baby Nottage was 7wks6d duration. A “long grain” (of rice) as the sonographer refered to bub in my tummy. Alas the name stuck for my whole pregnancy. 

I’ll never forget the pure joy (and tears) of seeing our little “long grain” heartbeat on the screen. I never realised how early this was possible. Human life in all its glory. I felt like super women.
The decision was then when and how to tell them…. excited beyond anything I’d ever experienced. I decided that I would write an ‘open letter/card’ to Maya and make Meika or Glenn read it out loud to Maya to hear. I think the bottom line of the card for memory read something along the lines of “were so happy you’ve come into our lives and we cannot wait to introduce you to your very first cousin come September…. surprise!!!” There was LOTS of shouting and excitement in the air. It was the BEST reaction. I wish I had have filmed it now I look back on it. 

The day she was born I also had another gorgeous Maya enter our lives too (Maya Dalton) a good friend whom I worked with at the MCG at the time – Jackie. Her & Meika were due on the same day and it was a race to the line, both going a week over. I’d text Jackie that morning to tell her the wonderful news of Maya’s arrival, wishing her all the best for when their bub arrived. I didn’t hear back. Which I thought was odd as we’d text often about it. Later that day when I finally got a text (which I thought was a reply to my Aunty news) low and behold she too had a baby the very same day – called Maya. I could not BELIEVE it.

So today as I reflect on the past 3 years of having my gorgeous niece in my life. It makes for a day of very mixed emotions. Excited coupled with sadness. How many more of her precious birthdays will I see? (Ahhh fuck I just pushed that bloody iPhone noise button!!! Huxley still sleeps……phew!) 

And I need to stop being rediculous.. All of them Donna!!!! No need for tears now. I’m going to fight this sucker. It’s NOT getting the better of me.
Don x

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