Instagram – 16.1.17

L A   F A M I L I A

Update time. Today marks a week since I’ve been home recovering from brain surgery to remove my brain tumour (still hard to comprehend and say that I’m actually talking about myself).

It’s been an absolute delight heading home to my boys and I’m SO grateful for them and my beautiful family & friends getting me through this tough time. I’d like to thank you all for your kind words, calls, texts and ever so generous contributions to my go fund me accounts. It’s completely overwhelming and it’s so nice to know so many of you care so much and I greatly appreciate your help in turning this shitty year around. To all of my friends who’ve joined the #foodtrain and already dropping off meals after meals – thank you! @jkeeeeechy you’re a superstar in arranging this. One less thing we need to worry about.

Unfortunately my journey so far is just beginning 😔. After meeting with my specialist this week, I’ve got 6 weeks of radiation ahead of me, followed by 12months of oral tablet chemotherapy. It’s going to be a very bumpy ride. It’s all a lot to take in and I have been contemplating wether or not I shared this information. But I decided too, it helps to talk about it. Please send me all the positive vibes for 2017. I AM GOING TO BEAT THIS SUCKER.

2018 is a new year and I’m looking forward to it being here already. #owardsandupwards #positivityonly #fighter #astrocytoma

#petermac #familyandfriends #valuelifeandappreciatewhatsaroundyou #dontsweatthesmallshit

Love Donna x

ps. How beautiful are my boys 💙 @seannn83 

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