Diary Entry – 11.1.17

(Written: Wednesday 11th Jan 2017 (never published – apologies for the graphic head shot, pre-stitches removal))

So it’s been 7 days post opp, today. Woooo hooo! I’ve got here. One week down in 2017, only 51 to go.

It was the day for stitches removal. I was a little nervous, it’s one thing to know the surgery has been done but a whole other experience to think of that next step. Plus I’ve had tape over my head hiding the potential horror below so it hasn’t been too bad.
Sean took me in, held my hand the whole way. It’s the first time I’ve seen my local GP since this whole event has happened too. So I was actually a little nervous to see her. Thankfully I didn’t cry (surprisingly). She did however look a tad teary herself when I first saw her. But was the upmost professional and didn’t let this be known as if she had of broken down I would have been screwed too. This GP I’ve been seeing since moving to the Peninsula almost 4yrs ago and she’s been there for the very beginning of my pregnancies, care & after birth care of both the boys. So I imagine for her too it would be upsetting to see a patient go through this.

On my way in I said to Sean, I want before & after photos. He didn’t think it was a good idea, but I insisted. This is part of my life now. Wether I want to actually look at them or not, at least I have that option. He obliged but then emailed to himself and deleted from my phone. Little does he know, iPhones these days don’t instantly delete photos…. 30 days they sit there “Just to be sure”. I actually haven’t told him yet, but I’ve already looked at it. Haha ! How could you not. It’s like a car crash you know you shouldn’t but you slow down all the same and take a good gander….

It’s not so bad at all really, well in staying that it’s far from attractive but it’s very neat and really I don’t see it as my head so no biggie. The doctor re-taped the wound due to a little bleeding while the stitches were being removed. Which really did hurt a little and the foulest of foul ‘squelching’ noise!

She then re-taped the wound which can come off Friday and then I can wash my hair!!!! This is one exciting step in itself. It will almost mark 10 days since I’ve washed it and GOD it needs it. I’m a wash a day kinda girl and no amount of dry shampoo coupled with the lovely orange antiseptic glow from surgery I’ve still got running in the blonde is just fantastic.

The one bonus is, I attempted a pony tail full pull back today and I think I maaaaay just be ok. I might have a slight bald spot here and there but ok in the grand scheme of things. Thank you Dr Peter McNeill 🙏🏻 you are a true gentleman. Kudos to you and your hairdressing skills. My Pinterest hair style boards id been creating I wasn’t overly keen on, but hey I’ve got options should I need them in the future. Hopefully my little patch will grow some fuzz very soon.

On a side note, I’ve been totally perplexed on how Hux hasn’t even commented on it. No mention on “what’s that” one of his favourite terms at the moment. But I guess that’s just kids, he doesn’t care. His mumma is home and that’s all that matters. He has been giving the most unbelievable cuddles and kisses to his mummy which is just devine and yesterday after cuddling with me and I told him I loved him he replied….”I love you too mummy 😭” what a heart melter. Im SO grateful to be home to my loving boys. Reevie is just a happy smiling gorgeous little thing, also I think pleased to see me. I was laying with him on my bed yesterday feeding him is bottle and all of a sudden he just turned and looked dead straight at me with his big blue eyes to say “ohhh hey mumma, I remember you. Haven’t seen you much lately”… ahhh everything is OK in the world ❤️❤️.

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