Instagram – 9.1.17 


The day has come. I’m feeling ok. I’d hope my sleeping pills I took last night would have given me that just but if extra rest I needed but alas I was wide awake at 3:21am.. writing this…. attempts to convince myself “phone down, Donna” did not work. Partly due to the extreme amount of lovely responses & messages from people around the world. They are outstanding and also the amount of money already donated to my go fund me. I’m absolutely speechless (and the tears!! My god) that is a WHOLE other debacle!! Two pages have been setup already which is just kindness beyond words – thank you to my sister in law Meika & lovely old friend from primary school Ian 😘. You are SO kind. And I thank you so so much 🙏🏻. There’s no option now that this cannot be beaten, too much positivity from each and everyone one is of you for that that I’m extremely grateful.
I’m learning quickly, that I think this experience is going to be a new one for me (obviously and derrrr….not that I have a choice 🙄). I’ve decided I’m going to start a blog of a way of sharing my story in the hope that perhaps I can help others. If anything my shitty situation could do, at least that could be it. So keep your eyes peeled on this space. I’ll update once I start something “read worthy” plus I do not want to bombard your news feed with more shitty news on a daily basis.
As I start my journey home today, it’s going to be a day of mixed emotions. I’m really unsure how I feel about it. I haven’t been home since the drama unfolded Xmas Eve, which was just a normal happy night wrapping Xmas presents drinking a glass of wine and chewing on ‘Rudolphs’ carrot for Huxie to find the following morning.

The whole experience I’m hoping I’ll just wake up soon and it will be a shitty dream. But ahhh sadly no [currently pinching my arm].
I’m going to now spend as much time getting back to my beautiful boys and give them (and myself) some normality again before the next chapter starts. As mentioned I don’t yet know the plan forward and what treatment I’ll be facing but i will update you (should you wish to read & follow) on my new blog…Look at me go 😝!! I ask for a little respect & peace as I settle back home with my family. But in saying that, I like the updates from everyone else’s ‘normal’ lives too. So please still update me (apologies in advance if I just don’t reply).

I cannot wait for some normality again and too see you all again. I’ll update you when that time is right.
Thank you again for everything & reading.

Don xxx
Ps. Special mentions of course must go to my amazing husband Seany, with whom today would be near on impossible. See you at check time out baby. I can’t wait to hug you and our boys 💙💙💙
#onwardsandupwards2017 #hometime #astrocytoma #personalhashtagideasneeded 

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