Instagram – 8.1.17


Firstly a big big thank you for everyone’s lovely messages, well wishes and love shown over this past fortnight. It’s fair to say it’s been one HELL of a bumpy ride. Unfortunately the bumps are only just beginning. The instant “fix” that I, Seany, my boys, family & friends had been SO hoping for isn’t just that. But it isn’t a “non-fixable” either. So in a way, I’m kind of lucky there.

A little fight ahead, which is OK. We are talking a brain tumour here unfortunately… an “Astrocytoma” to be exact. It’s now all been removed- well been removed to its best of its ability anyway. And further treatment will be required. Ideally not the outcome we would have liked, and we can’t expect miracles straight away- although that would have been preferred, of course!!

Lots of positive vibes, a strong outlook coupled with a VERY talented treatment team including my wonderful Nureosurgeon (Dr Peter McNeill) and wonderful super nurses at St V’s whom I can’t thank enough 🙌🏼. Support of you, my dear loved ones, family & friends. We WILL pull through.

Surgery was now completed almost 4 days ago now and thankfully he’s managed to be kind to my hair (what else could a girl want!!) rather than being a full shaved head victim. It’s now just a sweet combover look for the summer but nothing a little hat can’t hide….”Aunty Don’s unicorn horn removal according to my niece” is about right! Haha! And let’s face it once a bit of fuzz grows back people will be none the wiser. Not too bad at all really! I would do anything to wash my hair right now and have this sore little patch behind me, but hey, that’s the least of my priorities. That will come.

Im feeling ok too, head aches, yes. Wish this never happened, yes. But that’s to be expected. It’s just been one giant whirlwind I still can’t quite comprehend has happened. But it has. Today marks day 15 of this nightmare.

I really just wanted to say thank you again for your support, kind wishes, messages by the hundreds and lots of love. This sort of shit isn’t supposed to happen to people you know. Let alone yourself. But hey, it is, and we’ve just got to fight on through. One day however at a time, baby steps.

I’m not going to lie, 2017 is going to be tough. But that’s ok, we will get there. I’m alive and that’s the most important thing.

Please use this for reminder for yourselves as a message to get out there and ENJOY life, don’t sweat the small insignificant shit. Life is far too important. You never know what’s on the other side and in an instant when it might change for YOU or someone YOU love.

It occurred to me yesterday, when i I thought that. No wonder it hasn’t happened to to anyone I know, as it’s just happened to me! Derrrr! So you can all know breathe easy, you’re off the hook. You can thank me later 😉.

The offers to help in every way shape and kind have just been lovely. From food, cleaning, looking after my babes has just been so generous- thank you everyone.

The bunches of flowers sent have been off the charts. So SO very sweet. But please don’t send anymore, they are absolutely stunning I’m greatly appreciative but they make me extremely emotional (and tears is one more thing I don’t need 😭!) plus I’m running out of space to house a florist. If there is someway you’d like to help there will be, my family will only be happy to assist with ideas there I’m sure.

Unfortunately it’s going to be an expensive journey ahead, private health didn’t cover it (timely reminder to check what yours does!).
My very sweet sister in law Meika Ellemor is in the start of arranging a go fund me page to help to pay for any future treatment required. So if you want to help in anyway (not that you need too), this will be it. Love, messages, positive vibes, play dates with my boys to give them a break, food (new hats/headbands 😝) are equally as good! Haha

Who knows to what extent my treatment and costs will be as yet, as I said baby steps…this will all get updated as it comes to life in the coming weeks. Not a great time of year to go down, peak summer holiday season! Certainly not how I would have planned it – not that you can plan, nor would choose to plan these things either.

I’ll be out of St V’s tomorrow, ready to start a fresh week and new year at home with my amazing husband Seany and beautiful boys – Hux & Reeve. Along with the wonderful help of my gorgeous parents, in-laws, brothers, sisters, brother & sister in laws, family & friends. You are all remarkable and I could have NEVER chosen a better support group in a million years.

Sean has been absolutely remarkable through this, I know he has had his mega shit days but he’s been so incredibly brave in front of me and for that I’m SO bloody grateful. He’s not an emotional man and to see tears in his eyes at times has almost killed me. To see anyone you love go down the way I did would have been bloody awful and I know he’s questioning to why it’s so unfair. But hey, that’s just life sometimes. Unfair. As someone said to me yesterday, some people unfortunately are put in place on this earth to be able to deal with this shit and clearly that’s me…geeeee thanks world! So kind.

To our family & friends even yesterday in this redic Melbourne heat, holding a working bee at our house preparing for my arrival home. Thank you. You’re amazing! Without you we’d be lost, you really realise who true friends are when this happens.

I’ve got 6weeks of laying as low as possible with to begin at home, with no bending, lifting, driving (6mths plus 😩) ahead of me. This is going to be no easy feat in itself, as I’m not one to take life laying around. It’s going to be hard. BUT, this will all aid in my recovery and that’s all I’ve got to run with at the moment. I WILL get better. I’m not taking this laying down, I’ve got too much fun still to be had in my life and too much love for my family to do otherwise.

Again (and I apologise for the novel I’ve just written) but all my LOVE and THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Not just from from me but from Seany, Huxley, Reeve and my family too….you are all too wonderful.

Don xxxx

Ps, I greatly appreciate all the individual messages you have sent too. Sorry I haven’t replied to you all individually. That WOULD take a lifetime!! I look forward to seeing you all at some stage on this recovery trail.

#onwardsandupwards2017 #positivityonly #stvincentsprivatehospital #emotionalwreck


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