Instagram Post – 4.1.17

✖️The reveal✖️

I’m not usually one for taking photos of myself or sharing a ‘selfie’ but today I feel it is time.

Today I am about to embark on the BIGGEST hurdle in my life. Without getting too into it, today I embark into a bloody scary scary world of brain surgery. Yep you heard it. Brain surgery. Just a little operation to cut open my skull and remove a little section of my brain that made me suffer a god awful seizure on Xmas eve and ended me in hospital ever since. Taking me away from my gorgeous boys and loving husband. Fair to say it been a living nightmare this past 10+ days….. I transferred to St Vincent’s Private yesterday and I’ll be undergoing surgery this morning. Although I know everything will be fine, I guess as an outlet it helps to talk about these things sometimes. As to whom I’m talking well, anyone that is listening.

I have to put a huge shoutout to my AMAZING husband Seany @seannn83 who has just been the absolute best thing that’s happen to me in my past 13 years on this life together. He’s been by my side helping me laugh, cry and making all my decisions for me. Our fabulous family and friends for taking care of our beautiful boys Hux & Reeve all in their stride. Too many of you to mention but you know who you are! We’d be lost without you. Thank god we have such a wonderful supportive group. I don’t know how people would do this otherwise.

I know I’ll pull through this, and the outcome today will be absolutely fine. I don’t have any alternative option. But, it will be a potential long road to recovery and a god awful haircut I’ll have to endure for the next little while. So, adios friends see you on the flip side! 🤘🏼 x

ps ‘glamour’ shot 😝, taken at Polperro winery, where Seany & I wined and dined for our first wedding anniversary on 27.11.16. Which is a must do again as soon as I’m better!! Thanks for listening and helping me release friends. Keep me in your thoughts today, I need all the positivity I can get! I do apologise for the slight bombshell I’m dropping here, but GOD it feels good to talk about it.


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